Choose Sobriety This New Year

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It is 2015, a new year. Why not make the right choice and choose sobriety as your main New Year’s Resolution? The new year is a time when everyone makes resolutions to improve themselves and it is the perfect time of the year to turn over a new leaf. If you were lucky enough to wake up on Jan. 1, then you can think of this day as your chance for a clean start this year. People make all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions each year, such as quitting smoking, eating better, and joining a gym – all of these are great and can really lead to a more healthy state of living. If you are battling alcohol abuse, then add “quit drinking” to this list. Freedom Detox can help. We offer top-notch alcohol detox in Charlotte NC and can help you get on the road to sobriety.

Common Reasons for Giving up Alcohol

Unfortunately, the majority of people that make New Year’s Resolutions do not keep them. Especially when it comes to quitting alcohol. Alcohol abusers can return to their old drinking habits in just a few days or weeks. There are reasons that you can choose to embrace which might increase your chances of having success with your resolution. Read over these for inspiration; you might find a good reason to give up alcohol for good this year.

  • Current Consumption Levels  – Some people might not be dependent on alcohol but feel concerned about the amount they are currently drinking.
  • Clean Start –  Some alcohol addicts decide that the New Year is a good time to make a fresh start and get their life back.
  • Losing Weight – Overweight individuals serious about getting fit in the New Year might eliminate alcohol to avoid consuming empty calories that are found in alcoholic drinks.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Living a healthier life starts with making the right choices. Removing alcohol from your life will help prevent ill-health and disease.
  • Spiritual Path – Some addicts find religion and want to follow a more spiritual path. Giving up alcohol might be required or needed. Meditation is almost impossible when drinking because of the negative effect it has on concentration levels.
  • Same Ole Same Ole – Some heavy drinkers give up alcohol because they simply get bored with it. Spending too much time in bars or drinking at home can become monotonous and boring and these people want to experience something new and fun.

Why You Should Give up Alcohol

  • Dependence and Addiction  Constantly drinking alcohol heavily can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Alcohol abuse can ruin your life and take away everything you own.
  • Liver Disease  You don’t have to be an alcoholic to develop liver disease.  Some researchers believe that 90% of all heavy drinkers will develop a fatty liver which is the first stage of alcoholic liver disease.
  • Heart Disease – Alcohol can wreak havoc on the heart. Excessive heavy drinking can cause high blood pressure and other problems. Some research has shown that about 2% of all heart disease is caused directly by excessively drinking alcohol.
  • Diabetes  Excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Depression – Alcohol abuse and depression go hand and hand. Alcohol abusers often suffer from poor mental health problems also and drinking just makes it worse. We have often found that suicide victims were often drinking alcohol prior to the act.
  • Financially Draining – Constantly drinking alcohol can be expensive. Especially if you are a frequent patron of the bar scene. It is not uncommon for heavy drinkers to spend a couple of hundred dollars while out on the town. This money could be more responsibly used.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Make a change this new year and get your life back. Freedom Detox can help you with your addiction problems. Our holistic and alternative drug treatment in Charlotte NC can help you regain your sobriety. Call us today to learn more or get admitted.

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