About Our Charlotte Facility’s Parent Company, Pyramid Healthcare

Continuing Treatment Across North Carolina

At Freedom Detox, we strive to help as many individuals as possible in Charlotte and beyond, both to detox and to recover from addiction. But we can’t do it alone. We’re proud to be a part of Pyramid Healthcare, a Pennsylvania-based family of rehabilitation centers that provide treatment for both adults and teens suffering from substance abuse and mental illness. We’re one of many detox facilities that has united with Pyramid Healthcare in a common goal to help end addiction through medical treatment and counseling. After you’ve detoxed, we can recommend continuing programs within the Pyramid Healthcare family to help you seek additional treatment.

Learn more about how we help North Carolina families and individuals by calling us at (800) 475-2312, or contact us online.

What Is Pyramid Healthcare?

Pyramid Healthcare strives to provide treatment for adults and teens at each stage of their recovery process, which is why they help manage a variety of detox facilities and rehabilitation centers around Pennsylvania and now, North Carolina.

The company offers programs that include detoxification, inpatient treatment, methadone and Suboxone maintenance therapy, outpatient treatment, and halfway and transitional housing. They help clients get clean through programs including ours, then can provide treatment to help them practice coping skills that prepare them for healthy futures. They schedule admissions 24/7, and can take your call to refer you to a facility that is the right fit for you or someone you love.

Freedom Detox is proud to be a trusted resource for those looking to detox in Charlotte. By offering a safe and comfortable detox from drugs and alcohol, we’re the first step in your journey toward recovery. But your journey doesn’t end with us. When you’re ready to move on, our trained team is happy to refer you to a rehabilitation center within the Pyramid Healthcare system. From there, you can receive additional support in coping with triggering situations and making the right decisions that can help prevent relapses.