Why You May Benefit From A Long Term Recovery Program

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Sometimes, when we think of addiction recovery, what may come to mind is the initial stage of detox, where the body is flushed of the toxins from the substance use and the body’s systems are given the chance to heal. 

But well past this initial stage of detox lies the truth of addiction – mental health recovery and treatment are crucial due to the negative impact that substance use has on the brain and mind. Overall wellness suffers when the body battles addiction, and sometimes, depending on the length of addiction, it takes an extended period to get back to that place of wellness.

What is a long-term recovery program?

When researching a recovery program for yourself or a loved one, you will likely come across various options. Inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and short-term and long-term recovery programs are just a few of the varieties offered, each with its benefits and program offerings. 

Choosing a recovery program depends on your needs and what you desire to get out of recovery. Today, we would like to focus more intentionally on the option of long-term recovery.

Long-term recovery is an addiction treatment program that lasts for an extended period. Usually, recovery treatment programs are scheduled for about 3-4 weeks, depending on the facility. Long-term treatment, however, lasts much longer: programs may extend anywhere from 90 days to two years, depending on the treatment program pursued.

According to the American Addiction Center, “Long-term rehab programs generally provide varying levels of care since a person’s treatment needs may change over time as they progress in their recovery. These programs may offer individual and group counseling sessions, medications, physical and mental health treatment, socialization, vocational, and legal supports, as well as family counseling sessions and encouraging participation in addiction support groups.”

What are the benefits of long-term addiction treatment?

Benefits can be gained from all kinds of addiction treatment, and those who spend even the shortest amount of time in addiction recovery programs may experience numerous benefits from the conversations they have and the treatments they undergo. 

However, for those who have spent an extended period battling addiction or have suffered much due to a lifestyle of substance use, short-term programs may not meet all their needs. 

This is where the benefits of long-term addiction treatment programs come into play. They offer those who have battled addiction for a long time the chance to remain in a supportive, encouraging and healing environment for a long time. This allows them to become solidified in their sobriety before venturing back into the routines of everyday life.

Additional benefits of long-term recovery include: 

  • A removed environment from a triggering homelife – Some long-term treatment centers include options like residential treatment homes where clients can live in a place that is supervised and well supported, with routines, meetings and responsibilities geared towards reestablishing mental wellness, freedom and happiness all the while providing a safe, low triggering environment in which to live 
  • Support for the long run – Long-term recovery is just that: treatment for the long run. This is especially important for individuals who need more support than a brief stint in a treatment facility, as it gives them a longer time to work on the skills necessary to maintain sobriety long-term
  • Lowered risk of relapse – The longer one stays in recovery, the longer they can work on coping skills and integrate healthy habits into their life; the more comfortable and familiar they are with these habits and this new lifestyle, the less likely they will be to slip back into habits they established before treatment
  • Healthy community building – Those who spend time in treatment for extended periods benefit from the friendships they build while in addiction treatment; many people who go through long-term treatment end up developing healthy relationships with other participants and find much support and encouragement from a community of people with shared life experiences and similar life goals
  • Time to go at their own pace—In short-term treatment, changes are made more immediately, whereas those who go through long-term treatment can adjust their treatment plan in the best time frame(s) that suit them and their needs.

For those who seek support for a greater length of time, desire to build a close community of people, and want to move through treatment at a slow and personal pace, long-term recovery may be the best option. 

Can I find long-term addiction treatment in North Carolina?

Yes, you can! Freedom Detox provides treatment opportunities to countless men and women who are seeking recovery from unhealthy lifestyles. To begin your long-term recovery program today, contact Freedom Detox at 800-475-2312 or online

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