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About Our Charlotte Detox Programs

Expect Change When You Join Us

When you join our program to detox from alcohol or drugs, you can expect to feel positive change – both internally and externally. The team at our Charlotte facility strives to work with you so that once you’ve detoxed, you’re not just removed from addiction physically, you’re also ready emotionally to go out and reclaim your life. As the only accredited and certified detox center in North Carolina, you can trust Freedom Detox to put your health and well-being above all else.

Call (800) 475-2312 or contact us online for treatment. We are available 24/7 and we offer same-day appointments.

Why Choose Our Center?

There are many reasons to join us on your journey. First and foremost, we believe that the best partnerships are those based on mutual respect and trust. We will make sure we’re always on the same page with you before we proceed, and we will strive to educate you on each step in your process so you know about the progress you’re making and so that you feel safe. We also strive to prepare you for the future, so when you leave our facility you feel confident in your aftercare options

Additional reasons to choose Freedom Detox include:

  • We’re accessible: We accept most major insurances, including Aetna, Cigna, BlueShield, and many other plans.  We are also in-network with Vaya Medicaid.
  • We’re JCAHO accredited: We’re an accredited medical drug and alcohol detox facility that meets documented, proven medical care standards for care and treatment.

Ready to make a fresh start? Call our Charlotte team for our detox services today at (800) 475-2312.

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