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Residential Substance Use Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Research shows that individuals who continue to seek treatment post-detox are more likely to stay sober longer and have stronger long-term recovery outcomes. At Freedom Detox & Recovery Center, clients who require additional stabilization beyond the initial detoxification period can extend their stay for inpatient care. In addition to detox/withdrawal management services, our facility in Charlotte, NC, is also licensed to provide residential substance use treatment.

Contact us online for assistance, or call (800) 475-2312 to reach someone on our team. We’re available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For clients who require extended stabilization after detox, our highly experienced staff will make recommendations for the appropriate length of stay in treatment and next steps after detox is complete based on each individual’s specific needs.

Conveniently located near Charlotte, NC, in the city of Gastonia, our program offers easy access to various medical facilities, therapeutic resources, a diverse community and natural and recreational amenities. Our proximity to local support networks, such as 12-step meetings and outpatient services, further enhance the comprehensive care provided to individuals seeking recovery at Freedom Detox & Recovery Center in Charlotte.

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Residential Substance Use Treatment Services in Charlotte, NC

Clients enrolled in our residential treatment program at Freedom Detox & Recovery Center in Charlotte have access to the following services:

  • Individual Counseling: Freedom Detox offers one-on-one counseling sessions with an experienced clinician utilizing evidence-based treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

  • Group Support: Clients can find community with like-minded individuals at Freedom Detox through peer support in a group therapy setting.

  • Equine-Assisted Therapy: Through caring for and connecting with horses alongside a trained equine-assisted therapist, clients develop emotional awareness and relationship skills. Building a therapeutic bond with these non-judgmental animals helps promote self-reflection and personal growth for individuals in recovery.

  • Offsite Meetings: Transportation is available to allow clients the opportunity to attend outside 12-step and self-help meetings several times a week.

  • Barbering/Hairstyling Services: Our onsite barber and hairstylist helps clients look and feel their best by caring for their outward appearance while they focus on healing from within.


As part of each client’s individualized treatment plan, the Freedom Detox & Recovery Center team assists with aftercare planning, helping clients plan for their next steps after residential treatment. This might include making medical appointments, securing housing arrangements, finding a local sober community, enrolling in an outpatient treatment program and more to help set each client up for sustained sobriety and success in recovery.

Particularly during the early stages of recovery, getting and staying connected with the right professional support system is crucial. From detox to aftercare planning, Freedom Detox & Recovery Center is here to help you navigate any challenges you face on your journey towards long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

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