Choose Happiness

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How often do you make a choice to put something or someone over your own happiness? What about having to make a choice of something that will satisfy one group but will mean that you or a loved one will have to sacrifice your own happiness? If you’re like a lot of family members or friends of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol then you know this feeling all too well. We want you to know that your life is your choice and we want you to start choosing happiness.

Let’s face it, somewhere along the way we forgot what it was like to be happy. We gave up being responsible for our own happiness and let life just get in the way of it all. Many people feel that destiny has, for some reason, bestowed a new life upon them that will only be filled with sorrow. Sometimes, what seems like the forces of nature, sour relationships, family drama, unruly children and more, can make our lives feel out of control. We have given up the power to be happy and give it someone else – and then place the blame on that person, or group, for our own unhappiness.

We want you to stop feeling like that and take a minute to look deep within yourself. Think back and remember who you really are. Ask yourself what it is that really makes you feel happy, alive and free. Before you can truly be happy, you have to reopen yourself back up to the possibility of being happy. Know that you do deserve to be happy and not full of toxic emotions. Do not let lesser important things, or people, have the power to make you feel bad about yourself and unhappy about life.

One great way to start being happier with life is giving up trying to “win” at everything. If you’re ultra-competitive and want to win at everything this can actually cause some frustrations in your life and relationships. Being too competitive in your own relationships can be the difference in a lifetime of happiness, or not. For instance, a lot of couples are not happy today because they do not want to “lose” to their mates. When it comes to arguments, is winning really that important all the time? When you and your loved one argue about stupid things and you do everything in your power to win, are you really winning? Do you leave feeling accomplished? We know that everyone learns the value of winning stuff at an early age. You win at sports, you get respect and maybe even a scholarship to a big school. You win a contest, you get a prize. You win someone’s heart, you get love. But applying our winning philosophy to interpersonal relationships can be toxic to a loving relationship.

Your interpersonal relationships make up the ones you have at home with your spouse and kids, or other family members. Communications can be very complex within this group at times so trying to “win” at all times needs to take a back seat. For instance, when your spouse asks you to take care of a chore around the house, it’s not a question, but a request that shouldn’t be up for debate, but often is, and an argument starts. No one really wins when you argue until someone taps out from being emotionally worn down. This type of behavior and must win at all costs attitude is one of the reasons why 50% of all marriages end in divorce – some people just don’t know when to stop! Take our advice, today readers. Stop trying to win and choose happiness instead. You really don’t have to always be “right” and we guarantee your life will be in a much better place when you give up that way of thinking.

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