What is Residential Treatment for Addiction Recovery and Detox?

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Residential addiction treatment is a program option in which the person seeking help from addiction lives in a facility for an extended period. This time frame can vary from a few weeks to months or even years, but it provides people with the opportunity to make a concerted and protected effort toward removing substances from their bodies, habits, and environment. 

The Residential Difference

While outpatient addiction treatment programs have many proven benefits, some people in need of a more structured approach can find it ineffective on their unique journey to sobriety. While outpatient recovery offers the benefit of lifestyle flexibility for people in recovery, participants return to their normal living and community environments at the end of their therapy sessions. This can prove challenging if their home environment is unproductive in building healthy habits and eliminating behaviors linked to substance use.

Conversely, inpatient residential treatment centers provide an immersive environment for people to confront their substance use habits, cleanse the substances from their bodies, and rebuild their lives with the help of a supportive community surrounding them. Patients choose to live at the center full-time, entering into community life and utilizing various therapy modalities offered for their benefit. 

There is a significant convenience factor in residential treatment facilities as well. Oftentimes the noise and responsibilities of daily life can be distracting and even detrimental to the process of detoxification, but residential facilities take care of many of those daily tasks for you. Meals are frequently provided, as well as a daily schedule which frees the residents from having too much idle time on their hands. Residential treatment facilities provide a unique opportunity for people to focus exclusively on their healing and recovery, which is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Inpatient residential recovery treatment centers have an amazing ability to help people find distance from their daily lives to gain clarity and direction. The comprehensive approach includes abundant options for patients to explore a healthier lifestyle within the safety net of a strong support system. 

Residential treatment centers offer participants a change of pace and scenery. People are provided with the luxury of removing themselves from their daily rhythms of life, which may be heavily laden with reminders of their substance use. In contrast to outpatient recovery programs, patients don’t return home at night or the end of their treatment sessions. Instead, they are offered a different bedroom to sleep in, a kitchen to cook in, and an outdoor space to enjoy. The people around them are different, as are the rhythms of life. This drastic shift in surroundings can have a powerful impact on people struggling to build different habits and routines into their daily lives, as it finally allows them to have a fresh start.

There are many healthy activities readily available for residents of addiction treatment centers. Sometimes, simply finding other ways to spend your time can be a major struggle in addiction recovery. Inpatient detox programs offer a structured schedule for participants to adhere to, keeping them busy and focused on healing and growth. This schedule can include daily meals, some kind of work or chore responsibilities, support groups, organized leisure activities, and therapy sessions. 

One outstanding benefit of residential treatment is around-the-clock support by an equipped and diverse team of professionals. While daily life at home can include negative social influences and tempting cultural environments, residents of intensive treatment centers are surrounded by caring providers who are devoted to supporting them on their journey to recovery. This team generally consists of therapists, medical practitioners and nurses. The facility may also have a nutritionist on staff, a kitchen team to provide daily meals, and an activity coordinator to organize events for the community. 

Introducing Residential Treatment at Freedom Detox 

There is a newfound beacon of light in residential treatment in North Carolina. Freedom Detox in Charlotte has newly launched its residential rehabilitation facility, equipped with customized treatment plans suited to each resident’s needs. They offer individual counseling and support groups to explore the deeper roots of addiction and gain self-awareness for their journey. 

Freedom Detox offers unique opportunities for the growth and enjoyment of residents, including equine-assisted therapy and off-site outings. They also provide residents with the luxury of an in-house barber shop and hair styling services, helping people to feel their best and rediscover a sense of their worth. 

Studies have shown that inpatient facilities that also provide aftercare support have improved rates of success in residents’ long-term healing and sobriety. Freedom Detox has taken this to heart and offers various aftercare support options to their program alumni. Their central location allows for easy access to local 12-step meetings and outpatient programs, as well as other therapeutic options and recreational opportunities. Residents always have the option of extending their stay as well if further stabilization is required for their success.

Find Help Today

If you or your loved one are interested in exploring an intensive and systematic approach to addiction recovery, Freedom Detox could be the perfect place to start. Contact us online today, or call 800-475-2312 for more information on how we could support you on your path to wholeness and healing.

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