How Is Second Year Sobriety Different From First Year?

Published On: May 5, 20163 min read595 wordsCategories: Recovery

Are you entering your second year of sobriety and wondering how it will be different from the first? If so, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s quite different than what you dealt with within the first year of recovery. During your first year, you probably felt a little overwhelmed. Right out of rehab, most people find that they’re bored, lonely and constantly fighting cravings and urges to use again.

Many times, recovering addicts find that the first year flies by in the blink of an eye. It goes much more quickly than in the second year. You might even find that you feel more productive and successful in the second year.

Below, you’ll find several things you can expect to happen in your second year of recovery that will be different from the first! If you are tired of searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC, call Legacy today.

Second Year of Sobriety Versus the First


After the first year of recovery, you might begin to feel bored. This can occur because you’re having flashbacks of always being on the go with addiction or your new lifestyle isn’t quite what you want it to be yet (these things take time and patience.) When this happens, recommit to your recovery. Talk with your support group. Tell your family how you feel. Allow them to be apart of your recommitment. Rework your holistic healing at home. Go to new meetings and recovery ventures. Who says every meeting has to be the same? Find new options. Think outside the box! Find hobbies that help you spend time doing things you love. Spend time outdoors. Keep moving!

Balanced Lifestyle

During your first year of sobriety, it’s common to feel bored most of the time. You have a lot of extra time to kill as you’re learning to live again, substance abuse free. This can be quite difficult. During the second year, you’ll learn to balance out your lifestyle. You’ll be working a steady job, spending quality time with supportive friends and family as well as having a good time with new hobbies and passions. You’ll feel busy but in a good way. Balancing your lifestyle through work, personal time and time spent with loved ones will become easier, like second nature. You won’t have to work at it as much as you did in the first year.

Enjoy this second year of recovery. You earned it! No more will you have to worry about disappointing loved ones. You won’t have to lie about your whereabouts or what you’re doing. Holding a steady job and maintaining loving relationships and friendships will be easier. Good luck in your second year of sobriety!

If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to visit back with us during our next blog post! We will have more things to expect during the year after beginning recovery.

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