What’s Unique About Freestanding Detox Centers?

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When you start the grueling process of detox, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible to keep any triggers to relapse at bay. That’s why choosing the right facility is so critical. 

If you’re looking for places to detox, and you’ve come across a freestanding detox center, you might be wondering what exactly that means. In this article we’ll share everything you need to know about freestanding rehab and what perks are available to you.

What does freestanding detox mean?

When it comes to detoxing from drugs and alcohol, it’s not uncommon to find treatment centers that are connected to hospitals or another recovery facility. These centers may have distinct names from hospitals, but they often function as part of a system of interconnected healthcare providers.

While these centers surely have their perks, attending a freestanding detox facility has unique benefits that you can’t get anywhere else. For example, hospitals are often required to follow stricter protocols and have less agency over the content and structure of programming. They must follow both hospital protocol and detox center protocol.

A freestanding detox facility has the freedom to implement its own programming and adapt to local needs unlike a national hospital system. Moreover, a freestanding detox center gives individuals an option other than the one offered by a hospital when looking for treatment.

What should I look for in a detox program?

When you’re in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction, its important to feel comfortable in the setting you’re choosing. While both freestanding and hospital-associated detox facilities will have plenty in common, they will differ in several aspects.

Treatment centers will each have a unique focus. Some revolve around a framework of care, like cognitive-behavioral therapy, while others may emphasize a calming setting and state of the art amenities. 

Timelines for different rehab facilities can also differ widely. Another unique feature of freestanding detox centers is that they may offer more extended care options, while hospital-based detox may structure stays around insurance billing. 

Is this normal for detox facilities?

All detox facilities have two main goals: to ensure medical and mental health safety during the hardest days of early rehab, and to lay the foundation for long-term success in recovery. Accredited detox centers will check many of the same boxes. Here are some of them.

  • An addiction assessment
  • Medical supervision
  • Mental health professionals on hand to assist with the emotional work of detox
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Around the clock support
  • Discharge planning
  • A daily schedule including meals
  • Programming for the beginning stages of recovery (such as group psychotherapy)

While this list might seem like it leaves little wiggle room, each facility can interpret these factors in divergent ways. All accredited detox centers will meet your needs for a safe withdrawal experience, but not all will match your preferences perfectly.

What makes a freestanding detox facility different?

A freestanding detox center can offer an original lens to your recovery journey. Independently functioning centers tend to focus on more holistic care and a wider variety of therapeutic modalities. It’s not uncommon for these centers to incorporate nature therapy, animal assisted therapy, nutritional assistance and lifestyle skills building.

Freestanding detox may also differ by location, as centers connected to hospitals tend to be closer in proximity to the parent hospital and therefore in a more populous area. If you are eager to capitalize on all that nature has to offer you, a freestanding detox facility may be more attuned to your desires.

A freestanding detox facility has unique logistical factors as well. Transportation, family visitation, insurance coverage and other rules are determined by each detox center.

What makes Freedom Detox unique?

Freedom Detox is a freestanding medically managed detox facility located outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Using evidence-based research and personalized treatment plans, you can expect top-notch care at one of the only freestanding detox centers in North Carolina.

You’ll feel at ease in this beautiful facility with unique amenities. Here’s what you can expect at Freedom Detox.

  • A safe environment for recovery
  • Peer support from other patients
  • A full, professional kitchen
  • Locked bathrooms and showers for privacy and safety
  • 15 double-occupancy rooms and accommodations for those who wish to have their own space to stay
  • A lounge area for television and relaxation
  • An outside patio and green space
  • Assistance with continuing care through Pyramid Healthcare

At Freedom Detox you won’t have to worry about the next step. You’ll be connected with the outpatient or virtual counseling you need to engage in the recovery process and stay strong in your sobriety. 

Your future is at stake in detox. Don’t risk it. Call Freedom Detox today to get the personalized care you deserve.

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