What to Look for When Selecting a Detox Site

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Choosing a detox facility for drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be overwhelming. Not only are you embarking on a huge lifestyle change, detox is guaranteed to be a challenging time both mentally and physically.

The details of the detox facility you choose should enhance your stay, not add to the challenges. To help relieve some of the stress on your mind and help you put all your energies into the detox process itself, you’ll want to make sure the facility you attend is the right fit for you. 

What is a detox facility? 

Detox facilities are safe and secure places that offer medically assisted and professionally monitored detoxification and withdrawal management for individuals seeking to stop using drugs and/or alcohol. Detox is usually the first step on your journey towards freedom and recovery from addiction. 

These facilities are often connected with hospitals, since most detoxing patients require constant medical monitoring or access to medical staff in case of an emergency. For the safety of all detox patients, having a medical staff keep close watch on them helps provide comfort and security, physically and mentally. 

However, people who are detoxing from drugs and alcohol need more than just medical assistance. Substance abuse also harms the mind, emotions and spirit, so psychological and emotional support is necessary for complete recovery. The most thorough detox facilities include counseling as part of their program in addition to the detox care. 

What to look for in a detox facility 

When researching a detox facility for yourself, you will want to find one that offers quality physical and mental care from licensed professionals. In addition, you’ll want to make sure your personal needs and goals for recovery are valued. 

Fully functional facility 

Consider whether the facility has all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Find out what the rooms look like and whether you’ll have a roommate or not. Is there a fully equipped kitchen onsite? Space to be outside in nature? During the challenges of detox, creature comforts can make all the difference in the world.

Focus on personalized treatment 

Detox and substance use disorder treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each patient has their own unique story, experiences and goals, meaning personalized treatment plans are a must. Not only that, but a treatment plan that takes your needs into consideration, as well as helps you reach your goals offers you the best chance at successful recovery. 

Nutrition and exercise

Individuals in the throes of addiction commonly neglect their physical health. An effective detox center doesn’t just cleanse your body of substances and send you on your way, but helps you return to a state of optimal physical health. 

Routinely planned outdoor activities, access to exercise classes/equipment and nutritious meals not only help you regain physical health, but provide a stepping stone towards healthy living that you can bring back home with you once treatment finishes. 

Counseling in addition to medical assistance 

In addition to physical implications, substance use takes control of the mind and manipulates it in harmful ways throughout the abusive cycle of addiction. For this reason, mental health care in addition to physical care is a must. 

In order to prevent relapse and care for the entire patient, the best detox facilities offer mental health counseling, both individually and in groups, in order to help sustain recovery and offer the best chance at full and complete recovery and healing.  

Planning for life post-detox 

After detox, you must return to everyday life, and after the safety of a detox facility with constant medical monitoring, that can feel daunting. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for a facility that helps you create a plan for your life after detox. Perhaps this is continued outpatient therapy. Maybe it’s staying in one of North Carolina’s sober living homes. Whatever it is, make sure there is a plan so that your recovery is long lasting. 

Drug and alcohol detox in North Carolina 

If you’re seeking a drug detox facility near you to help you reach your recovery goals, take the time to research a facility that will care for you mentally, physically and emotionally. Freedom Detox makes it our goal to not only help clients overcome addiction, but to continue living a life of freedom and recovery for the rest of their lives. 

Contact Freedom Detox by calling 800-475-2312 today to get more information or begin the enrollment process by visiting our website.

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