Self Empowerment Tips to Live a Better Life

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Empowering yourself is more than building yourself up and giving your reflection in the mirror a thumbs up every morning. It’s about becoming comfortable in your own skin, about making healthy choices to benefit your mental and physical health and growing in confidence and self-esteem as you do so.

In recovery, empowering yourself is, in a sense, proving to yourself that “Yes, I can do this, I got this! It’s not going to be easy or glamorous, but I have the strength and tools to succeed.” All it takes is the right treatment program in addition to healthy, life-giving activities so you can build confidence and self-empowerment in addiction recovery.

Self-empowerment tips

Each person is different, and each person will feel empowered from various things. But by exploring different avenues of building confidence, you might find yourself growing in ways you never anticipated. 

Love your work

Engaging in work that is both meaningful and fulfilling is a great way to empower yourself. Of course, most adults need a full-time job to take care of their financial obligations and live comfortably, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy and succeed at what you do.

Consider finding a job that you’re passionate about. Work shouldn’t be dreaded each day. It should be something that offers you a chance to achieve goals, share your passion for and motivate others. If the hours you spend at work are enjoyable, then the majority of the hours of your day are guaranteed to be enjoyable as a result. 

Find a hobby 

You can also work towards finding a new hobby. This can help you both center your mind and offer a creative outlet, in addition to building confidence. After all, if you’re good at your hobby, you’ll see yourself succeeding and may be motivated to find success in more than just your hobby.

Whether it be reading, writing, photography or another activity you’re passionate about, work toward incorporating it into your daily life. Considering taking 30 minutes a day to explore your new hobby and exercise your creative muscles. 

Keep learning 

Never stop learning. You might be years out of school, but take time to learn something new every single day. Keeping your mind sharp will avoid boredom and fill your time with productivity. You might learn more about addiction recovery itself; perhaps you want to take a cooking class to increase your skills; maybe you want to audit classes at a local community college for the sake of learning something you never explored. No matter what your choice of learning is, pursue it. Use it as an empowering tool that helps you continue through recovery.

Invest in relationships

Family, friends, your spouse and co-workers are relationships you form throughout life. Without them, you’ll lack the opportunity for companionship, empathy and support. Forming relationships is a big step of empowerment as it requires trust, authenticity and vulnerability.

For those that are new to addiction recovery, you might find your old relationships triggering. When this is the case, it’s important to form new ones that support recovery. Make it a point to engage your community of people routinely. No matter what it is you do to spend time with them, do so in a way that’s positive and refreshing. It’s a great way to relieve stress.


Exercising is a powerful tool in self-empowerment as it can help you feel better in both your mind and body. During addiction, it’s not uncommon for one to suffer physically, and exercising can reverse the effects of addiction on the body. Plus, exercising can be therapeutic for the mind.

There are a number of exercises which include more than lifting weights or running around a track – yoga, pilates and tai chi all offer strengthening exercises that work in tandem with the inhale and exhale of the breath. So not only can exercise in this form increase physical agility, it can boost mental stability as well. 

The importance of self-empowerment in addiction recovery

If you’re wondering how to empower yourself as your journey through addiction recovery, consider the small things that make you feel stronger, more confident and free. Self-empowerment isn’t about believing you can do anything; it’s about believing in the freedom you have to do what brings you joy and stirs up a passion in your heart. It gives you the strength to achieve and maintain sobriety. 

To learn more or speak with someone who can help you on your journey towards empowerment and addiction recovery, contact us at Freedom Detox. With addiction treatment programs personalized to meet your needs, recovery is within your grasp. Contact us by calling (704) 486-5488 or visit our website anytime.


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