Intervention, Continued.

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A Drug Rehab in Charlotte Can Help Your Loved One Get Back on the Right Track.

Welcome back!  In our last post, we began talking about intervention and how important it is to help loved ones that have a serious addiction problem. Below, you’ll find more ways to help speed the process of helping them accept a drug rehab in Charlotte, as an option to break their addiction.

  • Offer to pay for the treatment, if possible. Most addicts don’t have the money to spend on rehabilitation. Even when insurance might pay for part of their treatment, they likely still won’t have enough money. If it’s possible to split the cost of the stay among loved ones, that might be just the push they need in the right direction. Addicts often know they need help but might not realize that it could actually happen. They need all the help they can get; mentally, financially, and physically.
  • Have treatment options ready and available. If the rehab stay is already set and ready, addicts have less opportunity to back out. If you have all the facts on hand they’re more likely to listen. It’s best to be equipped with treatment possibilities, transportation arrangements and stay accommodations. If your loved one is certain that all they have to do is show up, the chances of them doing so are greater.

According to, “The bottom line is they either choose to go into treatment or the consequences that would have been outlined in the intervention process now go into effect.  This may mean they must leave the family home.  This may mean their phone calls are no longer going to be accepted.  This may mean you change the locks on your house. This could mean they are not invited to Christmas dinner.  You work these out before the intervention takes place,  and you give them straight to the person with a calm demeanor and firmness.  But whatever the consequences were, as outlined in the intervention process, these are now sanctified and put into effect.”

If you need help arranging a stay at our drug detox center in Charlotte, for a loved one with a  problem, contact our professionals today. Our counselors at Freedom Detox will be available to go over treatment options, financials, and other important information.

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