7 Ways to Celebrate Milestones in Recovery with a Loved One

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Seeking professional help when you’re struggling with a substance use disorder is no easy feat, and at this point in your recovery journey, you deserve to celebrate how far you’ve come.

September is National Recovery Month, and many cities host a variety of sober events to help celebrate the recovery community, but celebrating recovery doesn’t have to be limited to those thirty days alone.

We encourage you to celebrate any and all milestones in recovery, as there is no limit to what kind of milestone is “worth” celebrating. Whether you want to celebrate alone, in a smaller, more intimate gathering with loved ones, or in one of the public community events, we’ve got you.

In this article, we’re going to share with you seven of our favorite ways to celebrate recovery.

What are recovery milestones?

Milestones in recovery are goals you set out to achieve in your recovery journey.

While there are certain milestones that are fairly universally celebrated (most specifically those in relation to timing, such as 24 hours, one week, one month, three months, six month, and one year), for the most part, milestones in recovery are subjective.

Your personal goals might be different than someone else’s in recovery and that’s okay; it’s important not to compare your journey to other peoples’, even if you shared a similar starting point.

Milestones in recovery can be large or “small,” public or private, standard or unique; there is no limit to what kind of milestone warrants recognition and a celebration.

Ways to celebrate recovery

Celebrating recovery not only boosts your confidence and sense of self esteem, but it also serves as inspiration and encouragement for those actively struggling with addiction. It also boosts the morale for your loved ones who have watched you come so far.

We’re going to give you seven of the best ways to celebrate recovery with family and friends.

1. Go out for a day on the town

We suggested a day on the town over a night because nightlife is conventionally filled with substances, which you may or may not be ready to be around, even distantly. Going out for the day enables you to enjoy a variety of food, music, and sober activities.

2. Host a dinner party

You do have the option to go out and celebrate in a restaurant, but if you’re not ready to be around alcohol, hosting a dinner party is a great alternative. Not only do you have the ability to keep the evening sober, but you can make the party as casual, formal, or lively as you want.

3. Spend the day in nature

You can make this an overnight camping trip or keep it to a day trip at the beach or lake; you can even go to a campground for the day and enjoy s’mores to your heart’s delight. Spending time in nature, by yourself or with others, is incredibly revitalizing, physically and mentally.

4. Treat yourself

This will look a little different for everyone depending on what you like to do and what you need. Perhaps this means going to a spa for the day, spending the day doing something you enjoy (that you maybe don’t usually make time for), or buying something you’ve been saving up for.

5. Sign up for a fun class

This may or may not sound exciting to you, but we encourage you to give it a chance. Maybe you join a roller-skating group, a karate class, sign up for instrument lessons, or a baking class. Engaging in mentally and/or stimulating activities in your recovery is also an effective way at maintaining sobriety.

6. Go on a weekend getaway

Sometimes what we really need is a mini-vacation; away from the city, away from all the people. A time to relax, recharge and have fun, whether by yourself, with a couple loved ones, or a group of peers. Whether this is a weekend away or a longer vacation, it’s a great option.

7. Find a community event near you

Plenty of cities host celebratory events for those in the recovery community, during National Recovery Month and sometimes even year round. A quick search online (as well as reaching out to others in the recovery community) can reveal what events are going on near you.

If you can’t find any events near you, you can reach out to the addiction treatment centers and the city council to discuss the potential of starting events for the recovery community.

You just might be the leader they’ve been waiting for.

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