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Purpose Driven

life and relationships
Learn to live a purpose-filled life free from substance abuse and addiction.

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There's very little a person can accomplish in life without a true purpose. It's even harder to beat addiction and substance abuse. Our North Carolina and Ohio addiction treatment programs are designed to help you find your purpose and rid yourself of addiction and substance abuse. We treat your issue like it's our own.

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People Focused

groups or just you
Get to know yourself and experience the importance of safe, positive relationships.

substance abuse treatment

Dealing with yourself is the first step in recovery. You have to understand how the choices we make impact our lives and the lives of others. Our programs give you the tools to make decisions you can be proud of. We've developed substance abuse recovery techniques that get at the heart of the issue allowing you a full recovery.

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Proven Results

now and forever
Living what we teach you will change your life. It's true. We live it everyday!

substance abuse

We've proven, again and again, that every person is an individual and should be treated accordingly. Combine individual focus, specialized treatment, and a community of positive influences and you get results! Our substance abuse and addiction treatment programs are designed with your uniqueness in mind.

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Proven and Holistic Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment

At Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers, we employ a holistic approach to outpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment at our facilities in Asheville, NC; Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC; Wilmington, NC; and Columbus,OH. The benefits of outpatient abuse and addiction treatment are many. With several weekly group and individual sessions and activities, we believe your sobriety from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions can be both supplemented and maintained whether or not you have been to, or considered, inpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment. Legacy’s holistic substance abuse and addiction treatment program heals the whole you, and rivals many 30-90 day inpatient treatment programs, all the while letting you maintain and greatly improve your life, without checking into a hospital-style facility. We believe in treating the individual from the inside out, and through group and individual sessions, can help you overcome addiction and dependency once and for all, and live life with passion. With the proper treatment, you can live a calm, relaxed life, free of the fear of relapse. Life shouldn't be consumed with feeling the urge or pressure to use alcohol or drugs to get though the day, nor should life be about living in constant fear of relapse or using. There's no need for you, your spouse, a friend, or family member to live with addiction any longer. Our Asheville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, Charlotte, NC; and Columbus, OH based substance abuse treatment centers were founded on the premise of holistic, permanent recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We can help you overcome dependency for good.