How to Find a Detox Treatment Center to Fit Your Needs

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Choosing to undergo detox is a brave and vulnerable decision. It is also one that might harbor many questions. Understanding detox, what it is and what it does, will not only calm anxieties about the program but it will help you understand fully what lies ahead. When determining which detox program is best for you and your situation, consider asking your potential detox provider some of these questions.

How long is the detox program?

Generally speaking, the actual detox process takes somewhere between five and 10 days. However, you’ll want to ask each of your provider options how long their program is – you don’t want to plan on staying there for a couple of days only to find out upon admission that you’re scheduled to be there over a week! Additionally, you’ll want to be able to have an open conversation with the detox admissions department about your current situation. Depending on your experience with addiction, your time in the detox center might be different than someone else’s.

Once you know how long you’ll be in detox, you can then begin planning the next step of recovery, that is, a post-detox treatment program.

Is there a plan for post-detox treatment?

Detox is the important first step in one’s recovery, as it cleanses the body of toxins and helps the individual prepare for the second step of recovery. Post detox treatment tends to the healing of the mind and thereby completes the recovery process through treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), art, music, equine, adventure therapy, etc.

Some detox providers offer additional treatment after detox, while others offer suggestions or recommendations of treatment centers. Make sure you know ahead of time what your particular detox provider offers and whether or not you need to also find a reputable treatment center.

What detox options are available?

Detox can be a difficult process as the body expels the toxins from the drugs or alcohol and begins to reset itself. For this reason, it’s important to know what kind of detox process is utilized and whether or not it’s enough to meet your needs. 

You’ll want to know not just what kind of detox program is used, but what would be recommended for you based on your story. Certain providers will offer alternative detox (techniques like sauna, natural or herbal detox) where no medication is used and the body expels the toxins on its own. Another possibility is medically assisted/monitored detox, where the client’s vitals are under constant surveillance. Lastly, medical detox could be offered as a means of helping you wean off addictive drugs by the use of non-addictive medication to ease withdrawal symptoms. 

Are the detox plans personalized?

When it comes to addiction, everyone has a different story, and when it comes to recovery, there’s no one-size-fits-all. For this reason, it’s imperative that you find a recovery program that not only takes into consideration your experience and background story but tailors detox treatment to meet those needs. 

Trying to fit everyone into one type of recovery or treatment box will work on a very slim few. Therefore, if you find a detox provider that takes little consideration for your own personal needs, or has a one-size-fits-all philosophy, it’s definitely worth your energy to look elsewhere. 

Who is on staff?

It’s always good to know who’s taking care of you, be it a doctor, dentist or even your hairstylist so you can be assured of good quality care. It’s even more important to know who’s on staff at your detox location. Detox can be a frightening process as certain withdrawal symptoms may be dangerous; the last thing you’ll want to be concerned with is unprofessional staff members. Therefore, take the time ahead of time to research the staff and make sure all doctors, nurses, psychologists and counselors are licensed and experienced so you can rest assured in their expertise.

No such thing as a bad question

If it makes you more comfortable to know, simply ask. Detox providers want to be able to give you an experience that keeps you as comfortable as possible, as well as offer you peace of mind. They are here to help you, in ways as simple as answering intake or insurance questions, to the actual detox itself. No matter what, if it will make you feel more peaceful and relaxed, just ask. 

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