How Do I Know that Drug Detox is Safe?

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The whole idea of drug detox sounds safe, after all, detox is the process of your body ridding itself of toxins and adjusting to a system without substances. However, as your body heals itself there are many side effects of detoxification. When detoxing from drugs occurs unsupervised, withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and even dangerous.

What is detox?

When someone with an addiction suddenly stops using a substance, the body responds by going through a period of withdrawal. This is the body’s attempt to expel harmful chemicals, and it can be extremely uncomfortable, so much so that people often return to their addiction to get temporary relief.

Drug detox facilities exist to help those who are struggling with addiction in the days and weeks after their last use. These centers offer medical and mental health assistance to bear with people through emotional pain and alleviate physical symptoms.

Is drug detox safe?

While withdrawal is not always safe, a licensed drug detox program is. It’s safe in its own right, and even safer in comparison to the dangers of drug addiction. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment Improvement Protocol details numerous reasons why detox is a recommended treatment, and explains why it can be fruitful for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Below are several factors that contribute to the effectiveness and safety of drug detox.

  • Medical staff monitor side effects: withdrawing from drugs can result in a variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. Symptoms can include nausea, migraines, dehydration, insomnia and more. Medical staff ensure that you’re protected from the dangerous side effects of withdrawal. Check out this article to learn more about detox symptoms.
  • Protocol for emergencies: staff are trained to watch for signs of medical and mental health emergencies, and facilities are equipped with the tools to handle both to ensure drug detox safety. If you have a medical condition like epilepsy, diabetes, allergies or are at risk for health complications, detox centers can quickly connect you to the appropriate care, and are often linked with a hospital system nearby.
  • Federal and state regulations: you can rest easy knowing that detox is safe when you receive care from a licensed and certified facility. National and state laws enforce that policies are being followed, and voluntary professional societies like the American Society of Addiction Medicine have even high standards of care for the facilities that have membership.
  • Detox facilities mitigate outside safety risks: there are strict regulations that detox centers abide by in order to address external threats to safety. These measures are especially beneficial for victims of violence. Protocols include long-term safety planning, limits on visitors, legal resources and continuing services for victims of domestic abuse.
  • Decreases the likelihood of suicide: there is a high prevalence of cormibid substance abuse and mental illness, depression being one of the most common. The mental and physical strain that occurs during the withdrawal period can drive people to make drastic decisions, and the supervision of a detox center ensures safety of its patients.

A word on medication-assisted treatment

Often, when a person is detoxing from drugs, medications are introduced to ease the transition and minimize pain. While critics will say that medication-assisted treatment is simply substituting one drug dependency for another, the medications that are used are safe, legal and closely monitored to prevent problematic usage.

There is science to back up the effectiveness and safety of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), too. The Harvard Review of Psychiatry states that MAT at least doubles the rates of abstinence from opioids compared to treatment without medication. Moreover, medicines used for MAT are U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved, so you can be sure that they’re safe and very closely regulated.

When can I detox safely?

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