Detoxing Will Jumpstart Your Recovery Journey

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Drugs and alcohol usage takes a severe toll not only on one’s physical body but on the emotional, spiritual and even material parts of one’s life as well. When someone is under the influence of an addiction, it becomes increasingly difficult to simply live a normal life. Everything, from the way you spend your money, to the people you spend time with, to the locations you frequent begin to circle around the substance. It doesn’t take long before the substance has complete control over even the smallest things.

The first step in breaking this cycle and relinquishing this control is through, not just committing to recovery, but taking the steps to enroll in a detox program. 

What is detox?

Detox is cleansing the body of the toxins (i.e. drugs or alcohol) within your system. Withdrawal happens once the body is no longer able to rely on the chemicals (like when the brain no longer receives synthetic opioids from heroin) and is forced to reset and begin carrying out these natural processes on its own. Detox, especially when done under medical supervision, can lessen the dramatic, potentially life-threatening effects of withdrawal and cleanse the body of the substance. 

Detox is not necessarily dangerous, although detoxing at home without medical supervision has inherent risks and a low success rate. Plus, with medically-assisted detox, those who’ve struggled with heroin or painkiller addiction can receive medication to lessen the severity of some symptoms and help wean the body off highly addictive substances. 

Why detox?

Put simply, detoxing puts you on the road towards getting your life back. It is the first step in addiction recovery and an important springboard into a life free of substances. It allows you to focus on your physical and mental health, the people around you and the goals you have for your own life. 

Benefits of detoxing: from physical to emotional

Imagine a life where you don’t have to worry about when or where you can get your next drink or next dose. Imagine a life when you have time to pursue your hobbies and passions, a life where you have healthy friendships and repaired bonds with family and loved ones. These are just some of the many benefits of detox. 

  • Physical – When using drugs or alcohol, physical signs such as looking pale and gaunt prevail. The brain, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and more suffer and might take many years of recovery before they run properly again. However, when detoxed the body is able to slowly, yet surely reset itself and begin to heal from the inside out. Natural color and a healthy weight can return, and vital organs can heal with help from dietary nutrients. 
  • Mental – Many drugs physically change the composition of the brain and impact the necessary functions used to make healthy decisions and control impulses. Drugs and alcohol inhibit these functions, but detox allows one to gain control once more. Without drugs and alcohol dictating your every move, you’ll experience mental freedom and clarity.
  • Emotional – Drug and alcohol use can introduce mental disorders or exacerbate already present ones, like depression, anxiety or BPD. Detoxing from these substances allows you to spend more time focused on healing potential co-occurring disorders, but also provides you with the opportunity to come to terms with and reset any negative or painful emotions associated with substance abuse.
  • Spiritual – Being free from substances means more time and mental space for other people and activities which promote a sense of wholeness, worth and value. Whether it’s through praying, meditating or simply encountering the people and things you love, detox allows for these practices in your life.
  • Material – While it may sound funny, even material needs are better-met post-detox. Money spent on alcohol or drugs can now be spent on things that promote healthy living, such as nutritious foods, a membership to a gym, spin or yoga studio, or even life-giving vacations or weekend trips. It can be an overlooked benefit of detoxing, but it is nevertheless an important one. 

What drugs and alcohol do to the body, detox begins the process of undoing. And while detoxing is not the only step in the recovery journey, a thorough detox program can and does provide the springboard into drug and alcohol treatment. It puts one into a frame of mind uninfluenced by substances that best sets them up for a successful recovery journey. 

Experience the benefits of drug and alcohol detox

Suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol can be overwhelming and scary, but no matter what fears are present, they shouldn’t stop you from seeking the care you need to gain control over your life once more. To start your recovery journey, reach out to Freedom Detox today at 800-475-2312.

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