Beginner’s Guide to Detox-Friendly Foods

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You know that feeling when your body feels heavy? Maybe the feeling has snuck up on you and caught you completely by surprise or maybe you’ve been feeling this way for a long while now.

It’s exhausting.

You might even experience some symptoms like—bloating, acne, bags under your eyes, hair loss or hair increase. These symptoms (and more) are all signs that your body has ingested an excess amount of toxins and is now struggling to keep the toxins at bay and not cause any further damage.

Toxins will take a toll on your body, but you have the ability to not only relieve yourself of the toxin-induced symptoms, but rid yourself of the toxins entirely.

One of the most successful methods of healing and revitalizing a toxin-riddled body is to detox.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the best foods to eat when you’re detoxing your body from toxins, and what foods are especially beneficial for specific toxins.

What is a detox?

A detox refers to the natural removal and cleansing of toxins from your body.

These toxins can accumulate in many different ways; most commonly, after a vacation, engaging in a binge episode, ingesting drugs or alcohol in excess or a combination of all those. 

Generally speaking, our bodies—specifically our kidneys, liver and lymphatic system—are actually detoxing on a daily basis. We are constantly exposing our bodies to millions of different viruses and toxins simply through going out in the world and living. In order to consistently combat these things and keep them from causing any real internal damage, our bodies are in detox mode 24/7.

Sometimes, however, we overload our system a little too much, and our body starts to get worn down by more toxins than it can handle on its own. This leads to our bodies needing our help to rebalance itself.

How to cleanse your body of toxins

There are many different methods to detoxing out there, it can be overwhelming to know which one(s) to choose and if they’re even going to work for you.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a nutrition-based detoxing process that is effective for everyone. We’re going to list the foods and drinks that will not only promote a smoother detoxing process, but rejuvenate your body along the way.

Many people worry that nutrition-based detoxing demands expensive herbs and foods in addition to practicing rigid, extreme behaviors, but this isn’t true at all.

In fact, the most successful detoxes are those that are simple and nourishing, where you rest and recover with your body, instead of fighting against it.

So we’re going to share with you some foods and drinks that are specifically helpful for an alcohol or drug detox, but can also be beneficial for any sort of detox.

Best foods for an alcohol detox

Some of the best foods for an alcohol detox include:

  • Berries, which lower inflammation and combat sugar cravings
  • Broccoli, which is a natural detoxifier, especially for the liver
  • Dandelion root tea, which helps with bloating and aids the liver’s cleansing
  • Sardines, whose omega-3 fats reduce inflammation and strengthen your liver
  • Raw garlic, which stimulates the liver’s enzymes
  • Brown rice, which is high in fiber and prevents heart disease

Find a way to incorporate at least one of these foods into your diet every day, and you might notice physical improvements in as little as three weeks.

Best foods for a drug detox

Some of the best foods to help you through a drug detox are:

  • Colorful vegetables (think spinach and beets), to restore the nutrients your body is deficient in
  • Avocados, which are loaded with vitamins, including magnesium (a natural sleep aid)
  • Eggs, because most drugs deplete your vitamin B levels, which eggs are abundant in
  • Ginger tea, which increases your body’s energy and helps you “sweat” out the toxins
  • “Clean” proteins (think chicken breast and salmon, not deli meat or hot dogs) which are full of amino acids that are essential for repairing damaged cells

These foods, along with those listed for alcohol detox, are highly beneficial for anyone to incorporate into their dietary lifestyle, even when you aren’t on a cleanse.

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If you’ve never gone through a detox before, you might be wondering how to determine if it’s something your body might benefit from, and when.

Some of the most standard symptoms include unexplained fatigue, acid reflux or bloating, increase in skin problems—acne, rashes, excessive oil or dryness—and an inability to lose “stubborn fat.”

If you have recently begun or continuously have been experiencing one or more of the signs and symptoms listed above, it might be because your body is currently overloaded with toxins and could greatly benefit from a detox.

Here at Freedom Detox, we believe in helping you detox not only your internal state but your external state as well, so we’re going to help you detox from a toxin overload in addition to helping heal your mind and rebalance your lifestyle.

We know taking a new step like this can be overwhelming; that’s why our compassionate staff is going to be with you every step of the way, ready to answer any questions you might have and support you in whatever way they can.

To learn more about our personalized detox programs, just send us a message today.

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