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How Fitness Fits Into Recovery

Woman with a cigarette in one hand and a dumbbell in the other Are you hoping to fully focus on your recovery this year? If so, there's one important factor in the overall journey that many fail to recognize until it's too late.

Fitness is a key component of recovery. Not only is it great for you physically, but also mentally. Below, you'll find several reasons why. If you're searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC, make your first call to Freedom Detox. You'll love our outpatient therapy programs.

Fitness and Recovery Are a Healthy "Fit"

  • Repairs the Body – Drug abuse can do a great deal of damage to the body. Take this time to repair what you have damaged by exercising. It will boost serotonin and dopamine in the brain as well, which will also help your body mentally. Working out also helps release endorphins that keep you feeling positive and happy.
  • Sets a Routine - One of the hardest parts of recovery is breaking old habits and routines. Vowing to get fit will not only help you mentally and physically, but it'll also help you learn how to set new routines. You are likely starting from scratch with a new lifestyle. That means making it a point to workout will be easier. You're turning over a new leaf with a new attitude. Make fitness a routine that helps you through the process of learning your new lifestyle.
  • Well-being – If you’re hoping to promote self-care and well-being after recovery, consider adopting a workout routine that will keep you active. You’re learning how to take care of yourself again after all. This will be a great first step in making sure that happens.
  • Reduces Stress – Why not take time to work out or get active routinely when it can relieve stress and anxiety? Those that have long, trying days at work or home should invest time in exercise. It will make a difference.

According to, "Studies also show exercise can reduce stress because galanin (a chemical found in the brain during exercise) seems to diminish certain stress-related cravings. Other research has found that smokers report fewer withdrawal symptoms and less intense cravings after a trip to the gym. Stick with exercise long-term, and it might even diminish drug-seeking behaviors (along with that midsection)."

Your routine doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply take time to walk around the neighborhood every day or take 30 minutes three times a week to visit the local health club. You won’t believe how much 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week can affect you positively, both mentally and physically. Make your New Year's resolution today, by vowing that you'll make an effort to get fit while recovering from addiction. The difference will be something to be proud of.

To learn more about how fitness can affect your recovery, continue reading or call us today!

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