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Couples Addiction Rehab

Woman and man injecting drugs Couples hang out together, eat together and sleep together. Often they develop the same tastes and interests. But the things they do together aren’t always healthy behaviors or positive habits. Some couples can develop addictions together.

In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at couples who become addicted together and how they can go through rehabilitation together. If you know an addicted couple, reach out to Freedom Detox. We can help them with quality drug rehab in Charlotte NC!

Why Do Couples Get Addicted?

It’s natural for someone to want to have the same interests as their significant other, even if that interest is drugs or alcohol. What starts out as a casual thing can turn into a full-blown addiction if one begins to use drugs or drink daily. The other person may feel the need to “keep up” with their partner, or they may have the urge to use on their own.

The reasons why couples can become addicted to vary. It could be that a social activity got out of control. Or it could be a sign of a deeper issue within their relationship that neither party wants to deal with in a healthy way. One person could have had an addiction long before he or she knew their significant other.

What Happens When a Couple Develops an Addiction?

If both parties are using drugs or drinking heavily with each other, there is no need to keep it a secret, which can make the problem even worse. The couple may be oblivious to the damage they are doing to themselves and their lives.

A couple who is high or drunk may be less likely to fight. They may even have a good time with each other when they are intoxicated, and that’s the only time they enjoy each other’s company. On the other hand, a couple who uses drugs or drinks excessively together could experience the opposite. When they are intoxicated they could become angry or aggressive. They may have verbal and/or physical fights.

A couple with an addiction problem needs help, no matter how they treat each other. While they may have problems within themselves and their relationship, getting help for their drug addiction should be a priority. A comprehensive rehabilitation program can help each person in the relationship deal with their addiction and the underlying problems that may have caused it.

What Are Problems a Couple Can Face?

If both parties want to get help, it can be an easier transition than if only one person has recognized the problem. It's human nature to want to find someone to blame for problems, and when one party is ready to get help and the other isn’t, excuses will be made and fingers will be pointed.

Couples can revert to criticizing each other and blaming each other for their problems. One or both parties may become defensive and not want to take responsibility for their actions. If nothing is resolved, one or both may shut down and avoid each other.

If one seeks treatment, he or she may leave the other person to continue using drugs or drinking, which could become even worse. It can be a vicious cycle of blame and addiction.

In some cases, if it hasn’t already, it can turn into physical abuse.  There is a way out. Help can be found for both parties who are willing to admit they have a problem and want to get help. In the second part of this series, we’ll talk about the options a couple has when it comes to drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Couples Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC | Freedom Detox

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