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Couples Addiction Rehab, Part Two

People at a party with drugs and alcoholA couple who does everything together can sometimes fall into negative behaviors together, such as abusing drugs or drinking heavily. This can lead to a couple developing a substance abuse problem. It can have an impact on their relationship and can lead to frequent arguments, mistrust, and in some cases, violence.

Now let’s take a look at how a couple who wants to get help can seek treatment. The process is not only about giving up their vice, but it’s also about learning better coping mechanisms, learning better communication skills and ultimately, changing the way they lead their lives. If you know a couple in need of drug treatment in Charlotte NC, continue reading to see how Freedom Detox can help.

Can a Couple Go to Rehab Together?

While most would see rehab as an individual journey, a couple can go through it together. In some cases, they fare better while in treatment and are better able to stay on track after it’s over. Each situation is different and should be discussed with a counselor to see which approach is the best.

Addiction treatment should be a personal plan, so a couple may need different types of therapies in order to be successful. For instance, one person may benefit from meditative therapy, while the other may want more physical activity in their treatment program.

What Are Tips for a Couple in Treatment?

Experts say that in order to have the most successful outcome, couples should keep in mind two main principals. The first is communication, which is important in any relationship, whether a couple is in rehab or not. Being open and honest with your partner is the only way they will be aware of each other’s needs. When seeking treatment, they should have a discussion about what they want from it and what kind of life they want to create after they are clean.

The second task is creating a plan, which can be done after a couple has discussed what they want. They should decide what type of treatment to seek, if they want to be enrolled as a patient or go to an outpatient program, will they continue to work, and if they have kids, who will take care of them. Having a clear plan can make the challenge seem less difficult.

What Is the Process for a Couple in Treatment?

Anyone in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse will have to deal with personal issues that may have led to their substance abuse problem. These issues could stem from childhood or a person’s family, or they could be because of their current relationship. The process of recovery, especially for someone going through it with their significant other, should focus on individual therapy first and foremost. It should include treatment programs that work for the individual, which can differ even between a couple. The underlying issues for each person are different, so they must be treated accordingly.

Recovery should be incorporated into the relationship so that the couple can help each other. They can use the techniques they’ve learned on their own with each other and in their relationship in order to make it stronger.

A couple should learn how to manage conflict in a healthier way rather than fighting or turning to drugs or alcohol.

Taking the journey toward recovery with someone you love can help ease the challenge of getting clean if it is approached in the proper way. A couple can survive addiction with the right help and can stay together afterward and create a new life free of the burden of addiction.

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