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Most Common Misunderstandings Concerning an Addict – Part 2

Addiction word cloudDid you know that addiction causes our brains to develop a tolerance to drugs that grow over time? That means the amount of drugs needed to avoid withdrawal continues to grow with every single drug use. Addicts don’t just continue to use drugs because they want to. They need them. Many addicts are misunderstood. In our last blog post, we began discussing the most common misunderstandings concerning addicts. Below, we are going to continue that discussion.

Addicts choose addiction. While there are many people that can take a pain pill or try drugs for the first time and walk away, there are those that do become addicted during their first try. That doesn’t mean that they chose to be an addict. No one would choose to be an addict. No one would choose to live like an addict. Being lonely, depressed and reliant on a substance that’s bad for us, mentally and physically, isn’t a life that anyone would choose. Addiction occurs because of a physical change in our brain. There are neurological alterations that cause us to crave actions. That doesn’t mean we chose addiction. We might choose to use drugs for the first time, yes, but that’s all that’s chosen.

Addicts are aware they are making bad choices. As we mentioned previously, addiction causes physical changes in the brain. It changes it in a way that prompts compulsive actions. Brains on drugs honestly believe that our bodies need drugs in order to survive. Addicts are in denial the entire time addiction is a problem. Making choices isn’t as easy as it is when our brains are drug-free. Most of the time, addicts aren’t aware they are making bad choices because their brains are neurologically altered to think doing drugs is the right thing.

For those that have never been through any type of addiction, it's hard to empathize with an addict. It's almost impossible to understand how someone could believe that drug use is the only answer. Educating yourself on addiction and how addicts behave can help you understand more of what they're dealing with and going through. That way, you can be there when they need you most.

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