Greensboro, NC mental health servicesYoga is used all over the world to control breathing, meditate and relax. Though it is practiced widely internationally, yoga is actually a Hindu discipline that is both spiritual and ascetic.

The word yoga means union. It's the union of a person’s consciousness with the universal consciousness or spirit. While this practice can be considered physical exercise, it's also, more importantly, a way to connect your mind, body and soul with infinite potential. Let's take a closer look. If you're searching for affordable Greensboro, NC mental health services, give Legacy Freedom a call today. You'll love our affordable and personalized treatment options.

Various Types of Yoga

There are various types of yoga that are used for specific reasons.

  • Bhakti yoga helps us to see the love we should have for every creature and everything. It helps us see the divinity in everything.
  • Hatha yoga is used for meditation. It helps purify the body and give awareness and control over internal emotions and feelings.
  • Jnana yoga, also called Gyana, offers us the path to wisdom. It emphasizes our intelligence in a way that helps us achieve spiritual liberation.
  • Karma yoga focuses more on selfless acts. It helps center our minds towards helping others without expecting something in return.
  • Mantra yoga uses the repetition of root word sounds to center consciousness.
  • Raja is the most sought out and highest path of yoga. It combines all other types of yoga into one. It balances, unifies and helps us meditate in a way that allows us to perceive the world with a blissful spirit.

You might be noticing a theme throughout all of these different types of yoga. They all promote a sound mind, body and soul. Practicing yoga can help us center our minds and our hearts on love and happiness.

For those suffering from PTSD, yoga might be a great practice to consider for treatment. It's obvious that post dramatic stress disorder can be a difficult disorder to deal with. Constant flashbacks of a traumatic experience can cause anxiety, depression and other issues. However, learning to deal with this mental health disorder through yoga is beneficial.

Benefits of yoga for those suffering from PTSD are as followed:

  • A great way to release emotions without being judged
  • Helps those suffering recognize their emotions
  • Lowers constant anxiety
  • Offers individuals a way to learn how to self-calm in times of flashbacks
  • Reconnects the body and mind so that those suffering can get back to their present life as opposed to focusing on traumatic past events
  • Teaches anger management and decreases overall anger

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