Women’s Mental Health Concerns

Therapy in Charlotte, NCResearchers have determined that biological factors are closely linked to a person's likelihood to develop a mental illness. Women have lower serotonin levels than men do, making them more likely to experience hormonal fluctuations and predisposing them to develop certain mental health issues. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that 15.6 percent of men experience some form of mental illness while the percentage is 23.8 for women. So which mental illnesses are women more prone to? The answers may surprise you. For the best mental health therapy in Charlotte, NC for women, call Legacy Freedom today.

  • Anxiety - Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center studied the effects of estradiol, a gonadal hormone in women. This hormone is thought to mediate some of the sex differences in psychiatric disorders. One of the disorders that shows the most difference between the number of women versus men who struggle with it is anxiety. While women internalize their emotions, men express them. This difference makes women twice as likely as men to develop an anxiety disorder from puberty to age 50. Women also experience higher levels of fear, exhaustion, worry, and tension.
  • Eating Disorders - The pressure placed on women to meet certain cultural standards of beauty continues to increase. As a result, more than 2.8 million women struggle with eating disorders according to the Binge Eating Disorder Association. While some men do face difficulties with eating disorders, women are the primary demographic. Women are twice as likely to have binge eating disorder in part because men view binging as normal behavior. Binge eating disorder has outranked bulimia and anorexia in prevalence.
  • Depression - Hormonal fluctuations can have a significant impact on a woman's health. The hormonal changes that women experience after childbirth are referred to as postpartum depression (PPD). Experts estimate that ten to fifteen percent of women will experience depression in their lifetime. Whether the depression is related to childbirth, menopause, or their ovulation cycles, women are taught by society to internalize their distress and bear these feelings silently. In addition to the physical causes of depression, there are environmental factors that put additional strain on women. Typically, women earn less money causing anxiety about finances. Adding to that the guilt that many women feel about being away from their children equals more depression. Regardless of whether a woman works outside the home or not, culturally, women are expected to manage household chores, caregiving, and social schedules for the family. All of these things add stress and guilt which can trigger depression.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Women are at a greater risk for sexual assault or abuse, two types of trauma that are associated with a higher risk of developing PTSD. As a result, women are twice as likely to develop PTSD and four times more likely to get it chronically. Women tend to blame themselves and attempt to cope by mentally disengaging from upsetting memories.

Alternative Mental Health Therapy in Charlotte, NC For Women

At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte NC, we understand the mental health struggles that women face. Whether you have put off seeking help for a sexual assault or are battling the post-baby blues, we can help. Our dedicated team of professionals works with you to develop a care plan focused on you, not your mental health concerns. Utilizing a holistic approach that combines non-traditional therapies with traditional talk therapy and diet and exercise allows us to treat your mind, body, and spirit.

Call or click today to learn more about our holistic approach to women's mental health therapy in Charlotte, NC. Learn how you can take back control of your life with Legacy Freedom.

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