Winter Blahs or Seasonal Affective Disorder

Columbus Mental Health ServicesAfter the cheer of the holidays is gone and the smell of fresh balsam is out of the air all that is left is grey, cold, wet nasty weather. For many of us those long winter days have us longing for spring, but for some these bleak days can mean a much more serious problem. Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) is more common than many people realize.

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we are here to provide a safe place for those who struggle through the changing seasons. Our holistic approach to Columbus mental health services treats the whole person, not just the mental illness. We understand that with seasonal affective disorder comes the need for nutritional support as well as medication. Call us today and begin to feel like you again.

Seasonal affective disorder can be triggered by any change of season but most commonly occurs in the fall and winter months. There are a few reasons for this. There is less sunlight in the fall or winter. This disrupts your internal clock and contributes to feelings of sadness and depression. Also, a drop in serotonin levels which regulate your mood and a decrease in melatonin are to blame for the sudden shift in your mood. Sufficient levels of melatonin are needed to get a good night’s sleep and the change in these levels can result in insomnia accompanying the depression and general sadness.

It is important to understand how the change of seasons affects you. Knowing what signs to look for as the season starts changing will help you recognize when you are falling into that winter slump.

Look at your day to day activities.  Are you feeling depressed, tired, worthless? Are you feeling fatigued or disinterested in activities? Do you feel like you cannot sleep or that you are ready to raid the fridge at any moment? Having a hard time concentrating or being overly agitated with most things are also a tell-tale sign that you could be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. If you feel like you might be a danger to yourself or others it is time to seek help.

Typically, women are more susceptible to SAD however, cases among men seem to be more severe. Young people have a greater chance of suffering from winter SAD. Patients who have been previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder or clinical depression find that their symptoms may worsen as the seasons change. People who struggle with SAD may also struggle with drug or alcohol dependency.

When you are ready to treat your seasonal affective disorder, Legacy Freedom is here to help. Our team of highly trained therapists is dedicated to creating a therapy plan that treats your seasonal affective disorder as well as the other difficulties that accompany it. Managing your mental illness as well as your overall health and well-being is what makes Legacy Freedom different. Our holistic approach offers a variety of therapies in addition to traditional talk therapy and medication therapy. We offer you the ability to choose your therapies and to customize your treatment plan so that all your needs are being met, not just the needs of your mental illness.

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Ready to begin? Our clinicians are prepared to help you take the first steps towards managing your mental illness and your health. Give us a call, the best version of you is waiting. Let Legacy Freedom help you begin your journey to healing today with the most comprehensive Columbus mental health services.

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