Do You Offer Treatment Plans to Help the Families of Addicts?

Wilmington drug rehabFamily involvement is an important part of a treatment program for drug or alcohol abuse. When people struggle with addiction, they’re not the only ones with the problem. Their parents, spouse, children, and other loved ones have to deal with their addiction, too.  At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we know that including your loved ones in your treatment program can be beneficial in your recovery. We believe that their involvement encourages you to continue with treatment because they are invested, too. Having a support system during treatment and afterwards can help you in your transition into your new sober life.

The source of your substance abuse problem can sometimes be rooted in the relationships in your life. Our programs allow you to invite in family members to participate so that you can voice your concerns in a safe environment. These sessions can help you air grievances that you may otherwise be afraid to discuss while the therapist can view your family’s dynamics. The usual communication barriers between you and your loved ones are removed so that you can talk freely with the guidance of a counselor.

Your family members are also encouraged to talk openly about the consequences they have felt as a result of your addiction. These sessions can help “clear the air” so that you can understand each other’s perspective, heal old wounds, and begin to move forward towards a healthier relationship.

At our Wilmington drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, we also have Family Night once a month. Patients and their family members can attend a group therapy session with an open discussion. In addition, we have Family Only sessions so that your loved ones can talk with others in the same situation. Both meetings give participants a safe place to process the complicated issues that arise when dealing with the consequences of addiction.

Some of the subjects we cover include:

  • Addiction 101 - The Basics
  • Legacy Freedom Treatment Curriculum
  • Self-Care and Codependence
  • Recommendations, ideas and family member success stories
  • Transitioning to “Living Legacy” (once a week aftercare group)

Family members also have the option of meeting privately with a therapist to talk about issues that may have come up during their loved one’s recovery.

All of our programs support our belief that by allowing your loved ones to be a part of your recovery process, you will be able to confidently take steps towards living a life free of addiction knowing there is a support system behind you.

Caring Wilmington Drug Rehab and Family Therapy

Is your family troubled because of a loved one’s substance abuse problem? Call Legacy Freedom Treatment Center of Wilmington to speak with a counselor today. Our approach to Wilmington drug rehab and alcohol treatment includes the family members of our patients because we know how important it is to have a support system when you’re struggling with something as traumatic as addiction. We offer outpatient therapy so patients don’t have to be taken away from family during treatment. Family members can actively participate in private and group therapy sessions in order to learn coping and support skills. Call us today so you can have your family back again.

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