Do You Have an Older Parent with Alcohol abuse?

Wilmington NC Alcohol RehabWhen we were young, we relied on our parents for everything. They took care of our needs, provided guidance, and offered support when we needed it. As an adult, you may still rely on them for advice and encouragement. So when you suspect that a parent may have a problem with alcohol abuse in Wilmington, or wherever they live, it can be difficult to address.

Alcohol abuse can affect anyone, regardless of age. A person may be a casual drinker as an adult but it can develop into a problem later in life. Major life changes such as retirement, death of a loved one, or health problems can change a person’s outlook. Retirement could bring about boredom. Losing the person you’ve spent your life with is devastating. Drinking can be a relief from life’s troubles at first, but it can be a cause for concern if it begins to bring problems with it.

It’s easy to miss the signs of a drinking problem in an older person. Household accidents, such as falling or tripping, are common in seniors, and not necessarily caused by being intoxicated. Driving impairment is also a common problem among seniors. Forgetfulness and unclear speech can be attributed to old age. But these are also the results of someone who is under the influence of alcohol. It’s important for you to recognize the difference so you can determine if your parent’s drinking habits are a problem. Call our Wilmington NC alcohol rehab center for help making this determination.

The body handles alcohol differently in older people, so the same amount they drank when they were younger may have a different effect now. Many older people take medications for blood pressure, diabetes, or heart conditions. Mixing those with alcohol can also cause problems. Even over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin and cold medicines are not supposed to be taken with alcohol. It’s important for you or your parent to check with a doctor before drinking while on any medicine.

If you are unsure if your parent has a problem, go through this checklist and see if you answer “yes” to most of them.

  • Does your parent have more than one drink a day, every day?
  • Does he or she lie about it or try to hide it from you or other loved ones?
  • Has your parent hurt themselves or someone else while drinking?
  • Does he or she seem irritable or moody when not drinking?
  • Is your parent suffering from financial or medical issues that are related to drinking?

The first step in getting help for your parent is to talk with him or her. Plan to sit down at a time when you know he or she hasn’t been drinking. Explain why you think there’s a problem and list the damaging effects that can occur if the drinking doesn’t stop. See if there are any underlying issues that may have caused your parent to seek out alcohol.

Suggest calling a rehab center to talk about enrolling in an alcohol abuse treatment program, and offer your support throughout the process. Let your parent know that you are there to help them the way he or she has always been there for you.

Wilmington NC Alcohol Rehab for Older Adults

Drinking can become a problem for anyone at any age. If you suspect your parent or other older relative might have a problem with alcohol abuse, give us a call. Our Wilmington NC alcohol rehab center offers outpatient therapy in a safe, caring environment. Our customized treatment plans meet the needs of the individual and takes into consideration age and health factors. We can help them with their addiction to alcohol so they can get back to enjoying life.

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