How Will I know When I’m Ready For Recovery?

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How do you know when you're ready to make the leap and choose sobriety? This answer is different for each and every addict. It could be the encouraging words from a close friend, or loved one. You might have come to your own personal conclusions that your deep-seated anxieties are rooted in your substance abuse problems. Maybe you finally have hit the proverbial rock bottom and have lost your job, lost all of your money, and failed at your relationship.

It is well known that all of these factors can have a huge impact, and influence your decision to look into substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC, or your own location, greatly. Although these reasons can be the most common, if you don't really possess the readiness to change, your recovery might hit several roadblocks. So ask yourself this simple question ... How ready are you?

When you make the choice to give up your substance abuse problem, you have to be ready at every stage. You have to always keep a high level of readiness throughout your entire journey back to sobriety. As an addict, every day will be a struggle and your level of readiness will impact your actions and the decisions that you make. You will have some days that will be a lot harder than others and staying ready to deal with these days will help keep you from relapsing. Be sure to keep a positive attitude, maintain an open mind, and be willing to learn new coping skills that will help you make progress towards your recovery goals.

Here are the stages of change that typically lead an addict back to sobriety. Check them out and see if any of them relate to your own circumstance.

The Stages of Readiness

Pre-contemplative: This is the stage where the addict just does not believe that they have a substance abuse problem. There is no acknowledgment of a need for help in this stage and the addict will simply believe that they can just stop any time they want. Some addicts might grow angry when confronted by loved ones about a drinking problem while stuck in this stage. They will vehemently deny any such addiction problems.

Contemplative: This is actually the first step towards being willing to change. This stage begins when doubt finally enters the addict’s mind about just how much control they have over their substance abuse.

Preparation: This can also be the flip-flop stage. Acknowledgment of a problem has been made, some action has been taken, but the addict is not really ready to make the final leap because they are scared of quitting cold turkey. They will go back and forth before finally taking action.

Action: This is where things are being done and steps are being made to correct the substance abuse problem. The addict has finally given in and accepted help.

Maintenance: This is the final piece and is a lifelong process. Changes have been made to help deal with life without using drugs and alcohol to cope. Now the real struggle to maintain sobriety begins.

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