Will a DUI Affect Your Insurance?

alcohol rehab in greensboro NCHave you recently been convicted of DUI and are worried that your insurance will be affected?

Unfortunately, it is possible. Why? You're considered a "high-risk" once you've been convicted of a crime involving a vehicle that put you and/or someone else in danger. If you, or a loved one has a drinking problem, and need alcohol rehab in Greensboro, call today. We can help. Legacy Freedom of Greensboro is the number one choice for sobriety.

DUI Convictions And Insurance

The reality is, depending on the company you use, your premiums could nearly triple. While it isn't something you want to hear, it's very possible so you need to be aware. Before the conviction, you might have been labeled a safe driver. Now that you're high risk, you won't be getting those safe driver discounts on your policy.

Even more, insurance companies that don't offer policies for high risk drivers might actually cancel your policy. At the very least, they might refuse to renew it when it's time to do so. In this case, you'll have to begin shopping around for a new company that does have a tolerance for high risk drivers. To learn more about canceled policy possibilities and how drunk driving charges might affect your current auto insurance, check the laws within the state you live in.

Which state you live in will determine whether or not the conviction will affect your insurance for more than three years. The most common length of time is one to two years, but sometimes it can be much longer than that.

If you're hoping to avoid these increased rates, your only option is to forfeit your driving privileges and cancel your policy during the time that you'll be penalized. Take the bus or walk for a while.

The best way to ensure you don't get hit with these double or triple auto insurance premiums is quite simple. Don't drive while under the influence. Whether you've been drinking alcohol or taking drugs, driving while intoxicated is dangerous. It not only causes harm to you, but also those in your car or those passing by. The threat of what could happen is too great. Don't make the mistake of driving while under the influence. Call a cab or a friend. It will be worth it.

If you're worried about what might happen to you if you have been convicted of a DUI for the first time, consider reading our previous blog post.

Affordable Alcohol Rehab in Greensboro NC | Legacy Freedom

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