Wilderness Adventure Therapy Can Help with Addiction

drug treatment in Columbus OHLegacy Freedom offers a holistic approach to alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH. We find that using alternative and holistic methods can be of great assistance throughout all stages of recovery. The holistic approach can even play a vital role in improving everyone's mental and physical well-being. One of our most popular treatment plans for recovery includes being outdoors and in nature. Our patients in recovery have told us that finding a safe, serene and natural environment refreshed their souls and provided them with the opportunity to really reflect on what is important in their lives. Keep reading to find out how adventure therapy for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH can help your loved one battle their own addiction problems.

Adventure Programs for Teens

Legacy Freedom offers the best adventure and wilderness therapy programs for teens. The holistic, hands-on, outdoors approach helps when dealing with a wide range of issues that are affecting teens today. At our center for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, our adventure programs focus on helping young people with addiction problems understand their situation, triggers, and how to cope without using. These youth programs might include hiking, walking, biking, tennis, team sports, kayaking, and other inspiring outdoor adventures combined with professional counseling and therapy.

Why Are Wilderness Programs Different?

Research shows that outpatient treatment programs, like the ones you'll find at Legacy Freedom, can have a great success rate because the addict does not feel like they are trapped, or locked inside a hospital. Being addicted and going through drug treatment in Columbus OH is scary enough as it is, and being locked inside a building most of the day isn't really going to help as much as being outside in nature. Getting outdoors and deep into nature can offer serene settings that are ideal for relaxation, reflection, and recovery.

Wilderness and adventure therapy programs got started in the 1960's, in juvenile settings, according to studies from the United State Justice Department Juvenile Justice Bulletin. From there, these programs really got popular nationwide with the success of the Colorado Outward Bound Program. Ever since then, research has shown positive results with this age group, and others as well. Patients that complete these types of programs express an overall satisfaction with how the treatment programs work, and especially how the outdoor setting and the drug-free environment really helped them reflect on life's most important values.

What Are the Benefits of Wilderness Rehab Programs?

When used for sobriety purposes, wilderness and adventure therapy can have a really positive impact on an addict's recovery. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without being surrounded by prescriptions and replacement drugs, like Methadone or Suboxone, can allow an addict to really find themselves and develop the positive coping skills they'll need in life with natural components like vitamins and having an appreciation for being healthy.

Drug Treatment in Columbus OH | Legacy Freedom

At Legacy Freedom, we have the best outpatient treatment programs that have been proven to help addicts with their substance abuse problems. We specialize in holistic therapy programs so your child, or other loved one will be at home with you, safe and sound; unless they're out on a journey with our adventure therapy program. Call us today and let our facility for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH help your child, or loved one regain their sobriety again and live a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle.

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