Why we self-destruct?

drug treatment in columbus OHSo why do we self-destruct? A great question that we hope to answer over the course of this post!

Thanks for continuing on with our discussion on self-destructive behaviors, these types of habits, and why we do it. If you're just now joining us, we talked a lot about the definition of what self-destructive behavior is, as well as the different models that are used to classify these behaviors in part one. Click here if you would like to know more about what defines self-destruction.

In our last two posts, we focused in on many of the habits that self-destructive people engage in. To get a better understanding about these dangerous habits please click here and here for those two installments.

This post is going to focus in on why people feel the need to do this to themselves.

So Why Do We Self-Destruct?

Honestly, the answer is simple yet complicated at the same time. The reason why people engage in this type of behavior is because they think it will make them feel better. The complicated part is the reasons why they need to feel better and what is causing them to basically lash out.

You see, feeling good is a natural need and want. It is something we all strive for in life. However, some people will do things that are very abnormal to achieve their own form of happiness. For one, constantly seeking out short-term fixes for quick happy highs will often times lead to long-term problems and disappointment. But with self-destructive people, this does not matter.

Self-destructive people are still like you and me, and want to be happy, too. They just go to extreme measures to justify feeling something other than what they are going through. Some researchers have even proposed a theory called self-defeating personality disorder to classify these individuals as having a real health problem.

Many times, people that suffer from these types of personality problems also have other mental health issues as well. For instance, patients that suffer from borderline personality disorder, bi-polar disorder or have chronic bouts of depression are more likely to engage in self-destructive behavior.

Being a self-destructing person is not healthy for you or your family. There is a way out and help if you're ready. Continue reading for more information about how Legacy Freedom can assist. Please be sure to join us for our final installment in this series where we discuss what you can do to overcome your own self-destructive behavior. To jump ahead, please click here.

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