Why Sex Addicts Abuse Stimulants

drug rehabilitation in raleigh NCSex addicts often want to have a lot of sex for a long period of time. The human body just isn’t capable of keeping up because it’s not made to endure a sex addict’s insatiable appetite. For that reason, many sex addicts turn to drugs.

Sex addicts use drugs so that they can lose their inhibitions, increase their sex drive and help delay orgasm. The drugs of choice for most sex addicts are stimulants, specifically cocaine and methamphetamine. They can be long lasting but won’t generally impair sexual performance. If you have a friend or family member struggling with addiction, call Legacy Freedom. We can help them with affordable drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC.

Sex Addicts and Stimulants

These drugs give the user a sense of euphoria and can increase their libido. A sex addict can take a stimulant and not come down for several days. Some will even combine them with Viagra or Cialis to aid and extend their sexual performance.

A study done in 2014 noted that people in treatment for stimulant dependence reported stronger sexual associations with meth than cocaine. Over 60 percent of meth users said they had an increase in sex drive, more fantasies and pleasure, and better performance. They also reported that they engaged in more risky or unusual behavior. An interesting note was that men associated stronger associations between drugs and sex, more so than women.

While some people do find meth and cocaine to be an aphrodisiac, not all users do. A large number of stimulant users do not associate the two. There isn’t clear research on the reasons behind this, but it is clear that there is a link between drugs and sex.

Some of the users who associate sex with drugs may be predisposed to a sexual addiction. Addiction itself can be seen as a condition that comes in many forms, from substance abuse to compulsive behaviors.

Someone who is addicted to sex and also uses drugs is at risk of having unprotected sex as well as making other harmful, even dangerous choices that can have an impact long after the drug has worn off. The risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis and other STDs is greater when someone has sex without protection or sex with multiple partners.

Because of the link between sex addiction and abuse of stimulants is so strong, you could assume that treatment for both addictions at the same time would be common. Unfortunately, it is not. Someone may go in for treatment of substance abuse and be too ashamed to admit their sexual addiction, so only one half of the problem is addressed. Or someone who is in a program for sexual addiction may not mention a drug addiction because he or she may only take drugs when engaging in sex.

When sexual addiction and drug abuse are coupled together and both aren’t addressed in recovery, one can trigger relapse for the other. For example, someone being treated for sexual addiction may decide to take a drug to relax, but then start feeling cravings to engage in risky sexual behavior because of the connection the brain had made between the two. If both issues are addressed in treatment, then he or she can learn new coping skills for dealing with cravings for both of the addictions.

Someone struggling with multiple addictions needs a comprehensive program that will cover all forms of addiction so that he or she has a better chance of a successful recovery.

Affordable and Dependable Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NC | Legacy Freedom

Are you still uncertain what to do, or unsure if you really have a problem with addiction and substance abuse? Would you like to learn more about drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC? Give us a call at Legacy Freedom Treatment Center. We have admissions counselors who can answer your questions about addiction and treatment programs. We offer customized treatment plans that meet your recovery needs. We know that the programs that benefit someone else may not work for you, especially if you work in the medical field. You won’t find a more comprehensive rehab program in North Carolina. Call us today to learn more.

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