Why You Can’t Stop Using Drugs

Raleigh drug rehab If you're like most addicts, you have a million reasons why you can't or won't stop using drugs. Whether you believe that your drug or alcohol use isn't that bad or you think that you don't have time to go to treatment due to work and family responsibilities, the reality is that even though you don't like being an addict recovering from an addiction is difficult. Many addicts find themselves in a cycle where fear rules and because of that fear they are unable to consider the possibility of going through recovery. The reality is that getting sober and going through the recovery process isn't easy. When you're ready to get sober, call Legacy Freedom. Our holistic approach to Raleigh drug rehab will help you beat addiction.

Giving Up Control Is Hard
Most addicts feel the need to control their own destiny. When you enter a treatment program, the therapists and counselors who are running the program are often calling the shots. Learning to give up control and accept the help and treatment that are being provided is difficult. Adhering to the guidelines of treatment programs and centers can give the addict a feeling of being out of control.

It Didn't Work Before
Addiction recovery doesn't happen overnight. For addicts who have tried recovery and failed before, the idea of trying to get sober again can be daunting. Fear of going through the process again or having the same failures or experiences can keep many addicts from even making an effort to become sober. Try again with Legacy Freedom. We take a different approach to Raleigh drug rehab.

Using Is the Only Thing That Works for Me
For addicts who struggle with coexisting mental health conditions, chronic pain, or have broken family and personal relationships, using drugs or alcohol may seem to be the only way for them to cope. When an addict uses to excess, he or she is numb to the pain. Alcohol or drugs can cloud the mind making so that the addict doesn't have to think about their problems or try to deal with their symptoms.

When someone you love is an addict, understanding that they are not just in a phase and that using drugs or alcohol to cope with their problems is a choice that they made in response to the reality that they face can be difficult. No matter what challenges they face, a drink or their next hit of drugs is always waiting to take them away from the painful situations that make it hard to cope. Drug or alcohol abuse is a problematic pattern of behavior to overcome. While it is possible to break the cycle of addiction and the triggers that cause them to use, doing so will require significant effort on the part of the addict.

Best 2018 Raleigh Drug Rehab

At Legacy of Raleigh, we know that breaking your addiction to alcohol or drugs can be difficult. No matter how many times you have tried to stop using and failed or how big you think your addiction is, we can help. Our compassionate and caring team of therapists and support staff will work with you to create a care plan that is tailored to your needs and your level of addiction.

By utilizing a holistic approach to your addiction and the treatment you're provided for your addiction our staff can help you learn new ways to cope with your desire to use. Each client is assigned a Life-Purpose Coach to help them identify their treatment goals and reconnect with lost passions. Learning about your goals and hopes for the future can help motivate you as your treatment program progresses.

Getting to the root of your addiction is crucial for your recovery. Together with your therapist, you will work to uncover your motivations for using drugs or alcohol. Whether you use to cope with an untreated mental health disorder, low self-esteem, or you are using as a way to escape painful memories or physical, psychological or emotional abuse our team can help. Once the root of your addiction has been identified, we can begin to replace these addictive and destructive behaviors with positive coping methods.

By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, our clients are able to choose the therapies and approaches that work best for them. With more than ten alternative treatment methods available, learning to cope with the negative thoughts, feelings, or co-occurring conditions that once fed your addiction becomes manageable. Our staff focuses on helping you develop positive coping methods so that you can get and stay sober.

During your outpatient treatment at Legacy Freedom, you'll have access to our staff dietician and physical therapist to help you overcome the physical damages to your body as a result of your addiction. We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices. Healing your body through regular exercise and proper nutrition is an integral part of our holistic approach to your substance addiction.

For thousands of clients, we have provided a way to get and stay sober that focuses on the whole person not just their addiction. Stop letting your addiction control your life and get started on the road to a sober and purpose-filled life with dependable Raleigh drug rehab today.

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