Why Addicts Lie

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OHThe hardest things for the family of an addict to accept are the lies and manipulation the addict uses. Addicts have no problem lying to their spouse, children, and parents. They will lie straight to your face. It is hard to accept that someone you have loved for so many years has turned into this person. Addiction is a hard road to travel. This is true for the addict and for their family and friends. Often it takes years for a family to face the reality. Unfortunately, some never will. The problem is that the longer it takes a family to face the issue and realize how they are being manipulated and lied to the longer the addiction is allowed to thrive and hold on to the addict. If you or a loved one has addiction issues, call a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH that you can trust. Call Legacy Freedom. Our outpatient treatment options could be just what you need to live a better life.

Some big questions are:

  • Do addicts realize that their loved ones truly have their best interests at heart?
  • Do they understand families simply want to help?
  • Why do they lie about their alcohol or drug use and the problems created?
  • Why make up stories or lies about lost jobs or robberies to get money for their addiction?
  • Why lie?
  • Why manipulate?

The need for their drug or alcohol of choice makes an addict crazy. This is why they will do whatever it takes to get what they need. The cravings start and they quickly are overwhelmed with the need. Other things such as love, truth, and honor will all be put away as the need consumes them. This need for the drug is as vital to an addict as breathing or eating. They can literally think of nothing else. One woman described her sensation of overwhelming need for drugs as "literally making her insane".

A second reason for the lies is the drugs themselves. Once the drug kicks in there is a much lowered capacity for objective thought or decisions. It is why an addict will continue using drugs even when the destruction has begun. The drugs remove the ability for an addict to be analytical. If someone is doing drugs everyday this problem becomes a normal way of thinking for the addict.

After the analytical and objective capacities are lessened the loss of morals quickly sets in. Addicts become desperate to keep the withdrawals and sickness away. They will then turn to criminal behaviors they might never have considered before. It is now a matter of survival. This is why it becomes easy for them to lie to and manipulate their loved ones. They will assault, rob, and steal from their family and friends or whomever they can to feed their addiction. Many will even prostitute themselves.

Once all of these things happen guilt will set in. The guilt lays on top of all of the other things and the addicted person will struggle with the things they cannot face. This then becomes a destructive pattern of behavior.

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