Which Drugs Are Most Trafficked to Your State?

wilmington, NC drug rehabDrug trafficking is a major problem in the U.S. Over 1600 metric tons of illegal drugs were seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2009.

There are unique routes and methods of transporting drugs into the country. If you need incredibly dependable and affordable Wilmington, NC drug rehab or alcohol treatment, please call Legacy Freedom today!

Which Drugs Are Most Trafficked To Your State?

Most drugs are smuggled in through the southern border at Mexico, but there are other areas where it can come in. As law enforcement heightens security, changes occur in production and other factors come into play, routes change.

Drug traffickers use a variety of ways to get drugs into the country, including commercial trucks, private vehicles, all terrain vehicles, aircraft and even couriers on foot. The shipments are put in warehouses, ranches, trailers and even people’s homes until they are ready for transport. The drugs are often hidden within shipments of regular, legal items.

The U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) created maps showing types of drugs and where they are coming in from, based on data from 2008 to 2010. Using their data, let’s take a look at which drugs are going into which states.

Arizona is the main state where marijuana is smuggled in, with about half of the seizures of the drug being made there since 2006. Another popular spot is in south Texas. But there are also spots in Michigan, New York, Vermont and Washington. Marijuana that was produced in Mexico, Canada, or even domestically can be found being smuggled in areas across the nation.

Southern California and south Texas are the two main borders where cocaine is smuggled. Much of what comes through California is going to Canada. There are also areas of the Northeastern U.S., in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey that see some activity. Atlanta is fast becoming a stop for cocaine distribution.

Heroin use is rising in the U.S., so there seem to be more points of entry for getting it into the U.S. While it’s mostly smuggled in through southern California, there have been seizures in Arizona and south Texas. There are numerous cities that have unknown sources of heroin, including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Detroit and Washington, D.C. Most heroin smuggled in comes from South America. Mexican black tar heroin and brown powder heroin can be found in areas west of Mississippi.

Most methamphetamine comes through southern California. Seizures of the drug have increased every year since 2007, showing the rise in popularity among drug users. Drug traffickers from other countries supply it to the U.S., but there are many domestic labs across the country producing the drug. In 2011, there were 979 meth lab sites in Oklahoma. In Missouri, the DEA found 473 labs. Other areas that had a large number of labs were Ohio, West Virginia and Michigan.

This drug, known as a club drug, isn’t as widely smuggled in the areas as the other drugs noted. It comes from Canada and the Netherlands. There are points of entry in Washington, Michigan, Vermont and New York.

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