What Is Social Health?

Therapists in Charlotte, NCDid you know that your social health can have a direct impact on your mental health? Many people may have never heard the term social health before. Social health is defined as the way you interact with others and the relationships that you have with them. Relationships with others are crucial for your mental health and well-being. People rely on nurturing and supportive relationships to get through the rough times in life and to help celebrate accomplishments. Balancing the needs of your romantic relationships with the other aspects of your life is also part of social wellness. Want to speak with qualified mental health therapists in Charlotte, NC? Contact Legacy Freedom now.

Enhancing your personal relationships with others requires you to develop active listening skills and practice empathy. Creating positive boundaries, encouraging communication, and improving conflict management skills are all crucial to forming emotional resilience and building high self-esteem. Acceptance, trust, compassion, and respect all play vital roles in healthy social relationships.

When these values are compromised, the impact on your social health can be significant. Whether it is a coworker, friend, or partner who breaks your trust, rejects, or disrespects you the blow to your self-esteem can significantly impact your mental health. Broken relationships or connections that are quite tumultuous can leave you feeling anxious, scared, depressed, or stressed. The deterioration of a relationship has been known to lead to substance abuse problems, severe depression, and even suicide.

Creating supportive and positive relationships and maintaining these relationships is essential for your mental health. Researchers have found that those who associate with motivated and confident people are more likely to overcome hardships and challenges more quickly than those who lack social relationships that are healthy and nurturing. That old saying 'you become like the five people you spend the most time with' actually has some merit. People who feel loved, cared for, and listened to report feeling less stressed, less anxious, and have a greater sense of purpose. Hundreds of studies have revealed the positive impact of social support on mental health.

Trusted Therapists in Charlotte, NC

Crumbling relationships or the loss of someone important in your life can be difficult to overcome. Don't feel like you have no one to turn to, let the caring and dedicated staff at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte help. Thousands of clients have found support and understanding through our holistic approach to mental health care. By combining traditional one-on-one talk therapy and alternative treatment methods like inner child work and adventure therapy, we can help you get to the root of your feelings and behaviors and learn new ways to cope.

Changing your life is possible. We invite you to learn more about our holistic treatment process on our blog. When you're ready, our care team is standing by to connect you with the best mental health care treatment in the area. Asking for help is hard but living a life controlled by depression, anxiety, stress or any other uncontrolled mental illness is even more difficult.

Begin your healing journey with the expert therapists in Charlotte, NC at Legacy Freedom today!

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