What Is a Dry Drunk? continued

alcohol rehab in wilmington NCA dry drunk is someone who has given up drinking but continues to engage in unhealthy behaviors and have negative thoughts. It’s not a term that’s necessarily recognized by medical professionals, but it’s known within the community of former alcoholics and drug addicts. Do you need alcohol rehab Wilmington NC services? If so, call us today! Legacy Freedom of Wilmington is your best option for getting sober.

Dry Drunks, Continued

Dry drunks may continue to act the same way they did when they were drinking. They may tend to be selfish, have a lot of anger or show resentment towards things and people, or they may display a fear of failure. Many times it’s because they have emotional or psychological issues that haven’t been resolved through recovery. Some can even stem from before they turned to alcohol to cope.

If you think a loved one has symptoms of dry drunk syndrome, you can offer your support in several ways. Keep in mind that he or she will have to decide to make changes, just like when the decision was made to give up drinking. However, you can offer a few ideas to help them break out of their patterns.

First, talk with them about their behavior. They may not realize how they are acting. Suggest that they check in with their treatment center, attend a group meeting or possibly see a therapist.

Many comprehensive treatment programs, such as the ones offered at Legacy Freedom, include treatment through several different therapy options. The programs are tailored to the individual’s needs. Psychology is an important component of treating addiction, so when it is not an integral part of the treatment, it can keep an addict stuck in old patterns.

Encourage your loved one to spend time with you and the rest of their family and friends. Sometimes a recovering addict still feels shame for past behaviors and may think that their families or friends don’t want to see them. That’s not usually the case. Reassure them that their family has forgiven them and wants to get to know them again.

Forming new habits and hobbies can also help someone in recovery. It can be scary to try new things alone, especially because it takes time to build self-confidence again after struggling with addiction. Offer to try new activities with your loved one. Sometimes just being in a new situation can help someone see things in a new light.

Physical activity is important in recovery because it strengthens the body as well as the mind.  Suggest joining a gym or playing a group sport such as kickball. Yoga and meditation can also do wonders for easing stress.

Suggest that he or she take a class to learn something new, such as a career building skill or a trade that may come in handy. The brain needs exercise, too.

And finally, don’t forget to offer your support through words of encouragement. Tell them you’ll be there for them no matter what and that you’re proud of how far they have come. Sometimes hearing positives messages can help a person want to continue to move forward.

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