What Does a Tax Refund Have to Do with Relapse? Find Out Here!

drug and alcohol treatment center in Wilmington NCOnce someone has given up drugs or alcohol they have to relearn how to live without them in their lives. In treatment they probably learned skills to manage their emotions and techniques for how to react to life’s stressors in a healthy way. These psychological and emotional skills can go a long way in recovery.

However, we sometimes forget that during addiction people may have lost the ability to manage other things in life, such as money, bills and other financial obligations. If addiction is holding you, or a loved one, back then seek out a drug and alcohol treatment center in Wilmington NC that you can trust. Call Legacy Freedom of Wilmington for more information.

Tax Refunds and Relapse

A recovering addict probably has a history of poor money management. They may even have accrued debt because of their addiction. An important step in recovery is fixing the damage done in all aspects of life so that they can move forward without the weight of past mistakes hanging over their head.

Money and the bills and debt associated with it can be a relapse trigger. The stress of managing money can be too much for some people to handle. If a person has a lot of debt, either from overspending or from their past addiction habits, it can cause stress that may lead to relapse.

A relapse is when someone in recovery uses drugs or drinks after a period of sobriety. One of the hardest parts of getting clean is staying clean, and even the most dedicated former addicts can struggle with it. The most dangerous aspect of a relapse is that the person may think that because they made a mistake once they are doomed to repeat it. It can weaken the strides they have made in recovery.

When the new year rolls around and the prospect of a tax refund comes into play, someone feeling stressed about money can see it as a windfall. Many people see their tax refund as extra money that doesn’t have to be accounted for as far paying off bills. People tend to spend it on clothes, new phones or electronics, or to take vacations. While that isn’t always a bad thing, for a recovering addict it can be a temptation to spend it on drugs or a drinking binge.

For someone in recovery who doesn’t have a lot of extra money, the prospect of a large tax refund can seem like a chance to spend one night or weekend having a good time. He or she may think that it will be a one-time thing that is well deserved after all of the hard work they have put into becoming sober.

The problem is, an addict can’t just have one more drink or use drugs just one time and then return to a life of sobriety. It doesn’t work that way. If someone relapses it can damage all of the work they’ve done, and they may feel like they have to start over.

A relapse can be avoided if you prepare to deal with temptations in advance. There are several things that someone can do to avoid a relapse due to poor money managements skills. He or she can take a course or read a book about managing finances. They can seek the guidance of their mentor or someone in their therapy group who may have had the same issues. He or she can also set up a budget and plan for the best way to spend their tax refund.

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