Weird NC Drinking Laws

Asheville Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterDrinking laws are in place for a reason. They help keep drunk drivers off the road and also minimize public drunkenness.

However, there are several weird drinking laws in North Carolina that might boggle your mind. If you have issues with drinking or drug abuse, call Legacy Freedom today. We are a highly rated Asheville drug and alcohol treatment center that uses outpatient and alternative treatment options.

Weird North Carolina Drinking Laws

  • The alcohol commission of North Carolina has prohibited any mail advertisements concerning alcoholic beverages. That means no one can receive solicited mail about beer, wine or liquor.
  • North Carolina is the only state in the US that allows the ABC commission to control alcohol as well as a commission made up of 160 local boards.
  • In Wake County, you can purchase any draft malt beverages you'd like, with no limit on how many you can purchase at one time. However, there are limits as to how much you can purchase of other types of alcohol. This means you can buy every single malt beverage in the county, all at once, but not every case of beer in the county.
  • At the age of 18, you can become a bartender in North Carolina. You cannot consume or purchase alcohol until you are 21.
  • Happy hours are illegal in North Carolina because the discounting of alcoholic beverage prices is illegal.
  • You can obtain a DWI in North Carolina by driving under the influence of alcohol on a farm tractor, horse, four wheeler and stand up scooter with electric motor.
  • It is illegal to serve alcohol at bingo games. It's also illegal to hold a game of bingo for more than five hours unless it's at a fair.
  • On their reservation, the eastern band of Cherokee Indians are allowed to make and regulate their own alcohol laws. However, the government can step in at any time and veto them.

If you think these laws are crazy, take a look at the ones below. These are other weird regulations dealing with alcohol all over the US. If you're searching for a highly rated Asheville drug and alcohol treatment center, please call Legacy Freedom.

  • Oklahoma law states that beer that has more than 4% of alcohol should be sold at room temperature.
  • Alcohol abuser beverage labels in Alabama cannot have nudity on them. If they do, they cannot be sold.
  • Even though the home of bourbon is in Kentucky, because of dry county laws, you are unable to drink at distilleries. Recently, lawmakers have passed a bill that states you can take a small sip to taste.
  • In Georgia, you can take open containers of alcohol with you while walking in their cities. You cannot, however act like you've been drinking. If you show public drunkenness you will be arrested.
  • In Texas, you can only take three sips of beer at a time while standing. However, if you are sitting, you may chug all you like.
  • There are no happy hours in Massachusetts. If there were, the state's economy would lose more than $1 million an hour in Boston, alone.
  • It is illegal to give a moose beer in Alaska.
  • In Colorado, you are unable to legally drink on horseback.
  • New Orleans law states that you can purchase alcohol in drive-thru stores.
  • It is illegal to drink on election day in Kentucky and South Carolina.
  • It is illegal to give a fish alcohol in Ohio.

Asheville Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterThere are also some pretty interesting international drinking laws, as well. If you have a drinking or drug problem, please call our Asheville drug and alcohol treatment center today for help.

    • The United Kingdom has passed a law that makes it illegal to be publicly drunk in a pub or club.  It's also illegal for a bar owner to let you over drink in the United Kingdom. This dates back to 1872.
    • Scotland says it's illegal to drive a cow while drunk.
    • Drunk driving while you're in El Salvador is quite risky. A law there states that you will face the firing squad on a first offense.
  • In Sweden, you won't find beer with an alcohol volume higher than 3.5% unless the government is selling it.
  • It is illegal for bartenders in Alberta Canada to infuse their own liquor with flavor. You must purchase it pre-flavored.
  • A license to drink is required in parts of India. The alcohol laws are determined on a state-by-state basis. That includes a drinking age, as well as DUI laws.
  • Here in the US, you might find breathalyzer tests in cars of those who have been previously convicted of a DUI. In France, all cars are required to have them.
  • It is illegal to import beer in Nigeria.
  • In Australia, it is illegal to serve shots after midnight as well as to serve alcohol in a glass at all. Additionally, you can't serve more than four drinks at one time after midnight or serve more than two drinks per person after 3 AM.
  • If you drive a bicycle while drunk in Germany you will receive a DWI and be ordered to undergo medical psychological assessments.
  • Bolivia regulates married women to only one glass of wine per public outing.
  • Alcohol can not be purchased in Thailand between midnight and 11 AM each day. Sales are also prohibited from 2 PM to 5 PM each day.
  • A traditional law states that all ships coming into the port of London must provide the constable of the tower in the United Kingdom a barrel of rum. This is referred to as the constable's dues and still happens to this day.
  • You are unable to purchase alcohol on election day in Turkey.
  • Any Scotsman found wearing underwear beneath their kilt will be fined two beers. Though this is a blend of civil and common law, it is an actual law.


These laws are quite hilarious and very weird. However, that should not take away from the fact that drinking and driving is a serious crime and danger. Also, drinking heavily in general is unsafe. If you have trouble limiting the number of drinks you have, it might be time to get help at our Asheville drug and alcohol treatment center.

Sometimes, we rely too much on alcohol to the point that it becomes a dependency. We might not even realize the addiction is there. That's why our rehabilitation programs can help. Our holistic approach to customized therapy offers the best solution for addiction. You don't have to miss work or school in order to recover. You can go on about your daily routine and implement our programs into your typical day.

Affordable Asheville Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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