Wedding Season Blues, continued

counselor in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our second post in our series focusing on wedding season blues. While you may be excited for your friend or family member as they tie the knot, the reality is that for many people, weddings bring up some painful or difficult emotions. Many people struggle with the change in their relationship with a friend or family member after marriage. Others find it difficult to deal with adding someone to the family they may not necessarily like. Still others simply find it hard to contend with their own emotions related to marriage and relationships in general. For those that wrestle with the emotions attending a wedding can evoke, wedding season can bring on a severe case of the blues.

Whether you are newly single, divorced, or have never been married, a wedding can conjure up painful memories that overshadow the joy you feel for the bride or groom. Before you toss the RSVP card in the trash or decide to go to the movies rather than the church, here are some helpful tips that can help you focus on the event and get you through the celebration. If you're searching for a depression counselor in Columbus, OH that can help you, call Legacy Freedom.

  • When your friend sat down to make the guest list, your name made the cut. Sure, there will be lots of people there that day, but if you are close with your friend or have a great relationship with this particular family member, your absence will be noticed. Allow yourself to feel the joy of being loved and included in such a special event.
  • If you want to attend, but are afraid that you will feel like an outcast or will be uncomfortable without a date, ask for a task to do. The bride, no doubt, has lots of things that will need to be looked after that day. Whether it is making sure her purse and dancing shoes make it to the reception hall or people are actually using that photo booth she paid for, having something you are responsible for at the event makes sure you feel needed and helps take one more thing off the bride’s to-do list.
  • Ask yourself which part of the event bothers you the most. Is it the ceremony itself or the first dance? Once you know which it is, you can decide to skip the ceremony and just attend the reception or bow out after the church. There is no wrong way to attend the event, the important thing is that you are there to celebrate the bride and groom.
  • Want to attend, but aren’t sure if you should? Talk with a trusted friend or family member about your feelings.
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If your wedding season blues persist, it may be time to talk with someone. At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we specialize in treating all types of depression. Our holistic approach to mental health lets us help you identify the cause of your depression. Utilizing alternative treatments like yoga, inner child therapy, tai chi and aromatherapy allow us to treat the whole person, not just your depression. Our on-staff dietician and physical therapist help you heal the physical damage to your body so that it can match your healthy state of mind.

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