Ways to Relieve Anxiety During Recovery

Are you recovering from an addiction but having trouble with anxiety? If so, it is understandable. You're engaging in a whole new world, free of drugs. It's hard to get used to this new lifestyle. However, that doesn't mean you should suffer.

There are many natural ways to relieve anxiety. All it takes is a mindset that allows you to beat anxiety. If you're experiencing worry or stress during recovery, consider the following ways to reduce it.

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Walk long distances. While walking short distance is quickly is great for health purposes and getting in shape, long distance walking works well to reduce stress and anxiety. Be sure to walk at least 2 miles at a time or more. Walking long distances will be great for health, as well but the main focus for this activity is alleviating anxiety.

Go for a run. Running is also a great exercise that many people take on as a new hobby after recovery. Using it to relieve anxiety is A great way to not only learn to run for exercise but to also give you an outlet when things get too stressful or anxious. Running a mile on your lunch break, after work or even early in the morning's cannot only relieve anxiety but also keep it from creeping in throughout the day.

Put down the electronics. With today's technology we use handheld devices for everything. Meal planning, work schedules, daily calendars and more. We rarely are found without a smart phone or a tablet. While it's great for keeping our lives organized, Technology can sometimes keep us from relaxing. Many people sit down and watch TV after a long day of work. However, with technology, phones are always in our hands and we are surfing the Internet or checking social media instead of fully relaxing. In order to alleviate stress and anxiety, put down the technology and take time to rest your mind, eyes and body.

Read for fun. Many times, we associate reading with learning. That doesn't always have to be the case. Reading for entertainment purposes only is a great day to wind down after a long hard stressful day. I can also help us melt away any anxiety we might be feeling. When you feel anxious, pick upA book and read for 15 or 20 minutes. You will begin to lose yourself in the story and anxiety will slowly go away. Just like with running, you can use reading as a way to prevent stress and anxiety as well. Read for 30 minutes before work, on your lunch break or every night before you go to bed.

Take some "me" time. You might hear people say that they need me time and wonder what that's really like. Some people think it's a selfish way of doing whatever makes them happy without having to worry about being interrupted. While it is all about making you happy, it doesn't have to be something that's considered selfish. Make a list of things that you really enjoy. It could be simple things like cooking a meal, getting a pedicure, watching a football game, going to dinner or grabbing a coffee with friends and more. Whatever it is that makes you happy for 30 minutes to an hour at least once a week, consider taking that me time for yourself.

Find a distraction. Making sure you are able to distract yourself with something when anxiety creep saying is key. You might be at work, shopping, hanging out with family or friends or just sitting at home alone. You never know when it will creep in. That's why having a distraction will help. Whether it's reading a book, listening to music or taking a walk. You must find something that helps you escape from it all in a healthy way that does not lead you to thinking of drug abuse.

Meditate. This is a great way to deal with anxiety in a way that gives you time to yourself in a calming way. Practicing meditation can be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it it's a technique that will come in handy when anxiety takes over. Breathing deep concentrating will help melt the anxiety.

Ask for help. You're not alone in your recovery. There are lots of people who are here support you. It's family, friends or a support group you should be able to lean on someone during your time of need. When you feel and anxiety attack coming on just give them a call or quick text. They should be able to help you in someway. Asking for help is a great way to in sure you fight anxiety in a healthy way.

According to sobernation.com, "When you feel anxious, you can also try connecting to your recovery in order to put things in perspective. Take a moment to think about your sober life versus your past life in addiction, and think of all things that you’re grateful for now. Gratitude can help you switch to a positive and hopeful mindset and free yourself from current anxiety. Gratitude is a great tool which you can use to learn how to deal with anxiety in recovery."

We hope these tips help you fight anxiety and continue in your recovery without worry of relapse. Don't forget to consider Legacy Freedom's aftercare program to help, as well.

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If someone you know and love is struggling with any of the substances above, don’t hesitate to help them get into Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center. Drug rehab might be the only chance they have at recovery. There are numerous people dealing with addiction in the world so it's important to understand you aren't alone.

Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Contact Legacy Freedom if you need Charlotte drug and alochol treatment center. We are here to help you get back on track to a healthier, happier life.

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