Wake County Drug News for April 2017

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Raleigh NCFrom marijuana to methamphetamine, drug traffic in the Triangle is on the rise. We hear about it from other substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC.

In recent weeks, the Wake County Sheriff's Office has confiscated millions of dollars worth of drugs and arrested multiple people who have been identified as drug traffickers. Among those arrested additional charges included credit card forgery, counterfeiting, and illegal weapons possession charges. Not great news for residents of Wake County, but how does this stack up to other areas of the state?

In 2016, Castlight Health conducted a health survey that showed the worst city in America for opioid use was in North Carolina. Can you guess which city was number one? Wilmington. Three other cities in North Carolina also made the list of the top 25 worst cities in America for opioid use. Hickory, Jacksonville, and Fayetteville were all in the top 25.

So what does this trend have to do with drug trafficking in Raleigh? Prescription drug abuse often leads to heroin abuse and the heroin epidemic is taking over Wake County. With a 400 percent increase in heroin-related deaths in the last five years, Wake County officials have formed a coalition of agencies to stem the epidemic. Dr. Randall Williams, North Carolina's State Health Director, estimates that there are 77,000 narcotic prescriptions for every 100,000 North Carolinians.

Pain pill addiction is on the rise. A simple surgery or minor procedure now has devastating consequences for many who become addicted to their pain medication while recovering at home. Once the prescription is gone, the addiction remains. When they have taken that last prescribed pill many people turn to cheaper and easier to get drugs, like heroin.

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers specialize in dealing with prescription drug and heroin addiction. Whether your addiction stemmed from a car accident or is deeply rooted in emotional trauma, we can help. Our treatment program is not a 12 step program like other substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC. At Legacy Freedom, we utilize a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction.

What is a holistic approach?
A holistic approach means that we treat the whole person, not just their addiction. Together with your dedicated Life-Purpose Coach, you will discover the true root of your addiction and addictive behaviors. For many people, there is an underlying trauma or undiagnosed mental health issue. For some, stress, depression or anxiety caused them to self-medicate through the use of drugs and alcohol. Many more people find that using drugs and alcohol allow them to escape bad relationships, troubling memories or make coping with PTSD easier. Whatever the reason for your substance abuse, Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers can help.

By utilizing our extensive staff of dieticians, therapists, and clinicians, we can help you create a customized treatment plan that is focused entirely on you. If group therapy makes you uncomfortable, choose to work one-on-one with your therapist to work through your journey to sobriety. Addiction can take its toll on your physical well-being. Our team of physical therapists and dieticians will help you get your health back on track through exercise and diet. Alternative therapies are available at Legacy Freedom as well. Designed to challenge, empower and focus your energies on healthy, sober choices our alternative therapies offer you a chance to explore new activities as a part of your healing process. Adventure therapy, acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, EMDR therapy, equine assisted therapy and more are available to you.

http://www.legacyfreedom.com/raleigh-rehab/As the heroin epidemic surges in Wake County, so does the number of addicts who turn to dealing drugs, theft, credit card fraud, prostitution and prescription fraud to feed their habits. While addicts chase their next high, their drug of choice often shifts. For some, the high from cocaine or heroin is no longer enough, and they begin seeking out other drugs like methamphetamine.

The need for addicts to accelerate their drug use to feed their addiction explains the spike in drug overdose deaths that North Carolina has seen. In 2015, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported that 1,274 people died from drug overdoses. These deaths included heroin, painkiller, and cocaine overdoses. If you do the math that works out to about 3.5 deaths each day as a result of drug addiction; meaning that in the state of North Carolina, drugs are deadlier than gunshots or car crashes.

For those who don't overdose and continue to use, the likelihood of ending up homeless and involved in illegal activities to support their drug habit is high. In the last three years, the Special Operations Division of the Wake County Sheriff's Office has arrested more than 1,100 individuals on drug charges.

Just this month in Raleigh, several men were arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation. The two were identified as suspects when an undercover agent for the Wake County Sherriff's Department had purchased methamphetamine in March. This incident led to a raid which recovered more than 12 pounds of methamphetamine powder from a northeast Raleigh apartment.

It's not just the drugs that are in the city of Raleigh that pose an issue; it's the drugs that are traveling through as well. A Torrence California man was arrested on I-40 after he was stopped for a routine traffic violation. Initially pulled over for not having a license plate on the SUV he was driving, the man was then arrested when a search of his vehicle revealed more than 66 pounds of cocaine in his SUV.

Raleigh Police Officers are coming into contact with large amounts of illegal drugs on a regular basis as they conduct routine procedures throughout the city. In late March, an officer attempted to serve a warrant on a North Raleigh man after he failed to appear in court. Upon the officer's arrival he smelled marijuana. Once one of the resident of the home opened the door, the odor increased. The officer then entered the residence and requested backup and a search warrant. Along with drug paraphernalia and marijuana, the officers found numerous machines used to read information from bank cards and create new cards using the lifted information. In all total, marijuana, credit card reading and writing devices, various blank credit, debit and gift cards were seized as well as 41 pages of counterfeit currency.

Addicts get caught up in chasing their next high. Many switch to harder drugs. Often, they turn to dealing drugs or committing credit card fraud to support their habit. Addiction turns otherwise good people into out of control addicts.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Raleigh NC

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers can help break the cycle of drug use, illegal activities, and chasing the next high if your searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC. Help is just a phone call away. Let our holistic treatment plan work for you in ways that no other program ever has. Stop letting your addiction control your life and call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers of Raleigh. We are here and waiting to focus on you and your desire to live a sober and healthy lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

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