Vape Or Not To Vape, That’s The Question! Continued

Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OHThanks for joining our center for drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH for the next part of our series on vaping. Specifically, whether or not vaping is right for you in your quest to give up smoking cigarettes.

If you missed our last post on vaping, be sure to take a moment and go back and read it. It contains lots of great information that explains what vaping is, what eLiquid is, and the difference in nicotine levels. It's a great way to introduce you to this smoking alternative.

In this installment we're going to discus a few of the pros and cons of vaping. If you, or a loved one needs alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. Our outpatient treatment options really work if you need help with addiction.

Pros And Cons Of Vaping


Stanton Glantz, a professor of medicine and the director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco, said "There is no question that a puff on an e-cigarette is less dangerous than a puff on a conventional cigarette." This is because the E-Cigs use a nicotine and water vapor mixture instead of traditional tobacco smoke. The water vapor mix typically delivers less nicotine than cigarette smoke. Furthermore, the water vapor does not produce harmful tar like tobacco smoke.


A big con to vaping is that it might actually hinder and prolong your nicotine addiction. You're still getting nicotine, which is a harmful chemical, just with a different delivery device. Furthermore, using an E-Cig can give a person that is trying to quit smoking a false sense of security. Some people that vape even become more addicted to nicotine because they now have more indoor access to the drug.

Final Thoughts

In this writer's opinion, vaping should be used to quit smoking. Smoking analog cigarettes is way worse for you. Using an E-Cig kit actually helped me quit, so maybe I'm a bit biased, however, the results for me speaks for itself.

For more information on vaping, be sure to check out our next post. You can find it by clicking here. If your family is searching for an affordable substance abuse treatment option, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help you and your family.

Dependable and Affordable Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OH

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