Vacation Anxiety

Columbus mental health servicesFor most of us, going on vacation is our way to relax and recharge. However, when you suffer from anxiety, going on vacation can have the opposite effect. Whether it's work worries, concerns about your home, your kids, or your pets, anxiety sneaks into your trip to paradise and puts a damper on the fun.

Here's how to vacation like a pro with anxiety in tow. For Columbus mental health services you can trust, be sure to call Legacy Freedom!

The simple act of booking your trip is enough to send someone with general anxiety into a full-blown panic attack. Navigating the travel sites, trying to choose a destination, flights, hotels, rental cars - it can all be just too much. Worrying about logistics, costs and hidden fees can make the task seem overwhelming. The good news is that there are people who enjoy juggling all these factors and can make it happen on your budget. Travel agents still exist, and they are the perfect ally for anxious travelers. Simply give them the where, the when and your frequent flier number and they can have you booked and ready to jet set without the meltdown. Panic free planning comes with a price, but if you can start the travel process without a meltdown that's priceless.

Preparing for travel is a daunting task for people with anxiety. The last minute errands, remembering to leave a key for the house sitter or the pet sitter, packing, laundry, paying bills and coordinating schedules makes the days before your trip a danger zone. Minimize the risks and begin the process early. One to two weeks before your trip, pay your bills ahead of their due date or schedule automatic drafts. Begin the packing process by putting clothes you want to take with you in a special spot in your closet or a particular clothes basket. Meet your house sitter or pet sitter for lunch as a thank you for helping you out and give them their key to your home then. Arrange for transportation to and from the airport ahead of time. Ask your travel agent if they can coordinate this for you or use a shuttle service that allows you to schedule your ride in advance. Breaking your to-do list into smaller tasks in the weeks leading up to your vacation makes the preparations much less overwhelming.

Many people are fearful of flying or of encountering delays and headaches to and from their destination. Acknowledge your fears about flying and discuss them with a friend or family member if that is helpful for you. Some people require medication to be able to handle a long flight, if this is the case, speak with your physician or therapist. Travel delays and hiccups happen. Treat it as part of the experience and remember that this is an adventure, make the best of the situation and try your best to remain calm.

Once you get to your destination, it is important to remember to take a break from your vacation and address your anxiety when it begins rather than trying to push through. If you are anxious about what's happening at home, have a friend or neighbor you can contact for updates. Worried about your finances while you are away? Check your bank balance once a day. Nervous about leaving your pets? Choose a pet care facility with webcams so you can check in on your fur babies.

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