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counselor in Columbus, OHWelcome back to the second part of our series on vacation anxiety. Previously we discussed ways to make the time before your trip less anxious. For tips on getting to your vacation without a panic attack, see our previous post. Keep reading for part two. For a qualified anxiety counselor in Columbus, OH that can help you, call Legacy Freedom.

You've landed in paradise, but you are too anxious to enjoy the experience. Whether you are worried about your home, your pets, your kids, or an aging parent, we have tips to help you relax and enjoy your time away.

While you are lying by the pool, your brain is busily imagining the worst care scenarios about what is happening at home. When this happens, it's good to have a plan in place. Have someone you can call to check in on your home, your kids, or your family member. If you know that this is going to be a source of constant worry for you, ask the people who are caring for your pets or loved ones or watching your house, to send you a brief text or email each day to let you know all is well. This is not an uncommon request, so many people won't equate it with an anxiety disorder. Ask for what you need to help you feel comfortable enough to relax.

General anxiety is the worst. It creeps in when we least expect it and often for no good reason. Halfway through your massage on the beach and you suddenly become anxious? Counter those thoughts with a clear process of reflection focused on gratitude. It is physically impossible for your brain to experience gratitude and fear at the same time. Give thanks for being on that beach and getting a massage in a beautiful place while your coworkers slave away in the stuffy air conditioned office.

At Legacy Freedom, we understand that living with anxiety can be difficult. Overcoming the crippling grip of anxiety is so essential to increasing your ability to relax and enjoy life. With anxiety, simple daily living tasks can seem impossible. At Legacy Freedom, we have a counselor in Columbus that can help. Our holistic approach to treating anxiety relies on traditional talk therapy combined with alternative therapies to enhance your care. We treat the whole person, not just their anxiety. Through non-traditional therapies like yoga, aromatherapy, acupuncture and sound therapy we can create a treatment plan that helps you manage and overcome your anxiety.

We also focus on your well-being. Utilizing our dieticians and life coaches, we create a customized support system with your therapists and clinicians in Columbus OH that are designed to improve all aspects of your life and mental health.

It is important to understand how your anxiety works and what you can do to help yourself overcome it.

Plan for the unexpected during your trip. Allow a little extra room in your budget for shopping in case you leave something you need behind or there are additional costs you didn't anticipate. Don't let financial worries interrupt your relaxation. Picking the itinerary for the first few days of your trip will help manage your anxiety about what to expect when you arrive. Leave the free-form days for the end of your vacation when you have become comfortable with the location.

Don't let your anxiety control your desire to travel, with the proper planning and focus you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Let the expert staff at Legacy Freedom help you learn to control your anxiety and free you to travel the world!

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