VA House Backs Sale of High-Proof Grain Alcohol

Alcohol Rehab in Greensboro NCThe start of the new year also marks the start of sales of high-proof grain alcohol in stores in the state of Virginia. This comes after a Republican controlled chamber passed the bill on a bipartisan vote. The vote took place toward the end of last month with added protections to help those concerned about the alcohol and availability to college-aged students. For affordable alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC in 2017, be sure to call Legacy Freedom.

VA Government | Sale of High-Proof Alcohol

The type of alcohol in question is Everclear. This is a high-proof grain alcohol that many college students, and others, prefer to drink when getting drunk is their objective. The concern is that ABC stores selling this type of liquor could result in more intensified drinking problems for individuals.

Last year, a similar bill was vetoed. Higher education administrators stepped in and Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed the bill.

According to, "The bill’s patron, Del. Barry D. Knight, R-Virginia Beach, added an expiration date of 2022 to convince skeptics that the step can be undone if problems arise. The Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council opposed the bill last year, but Knight said the group’s concerns were addressed at a meeting in September with the statewide council and McAuliffe Cabinet officials."

Though this bill has passed, there will be regulations that come into play when it comes to which stores can sell high-proof grain alcohol. ABC officials will decide what locations can sell the liquor. They will work to keep the alcohol out of stores that are near college towns in an effort to make it harder for the students to get.

Many university administrators and staff are quite upset this bill has passed. However, there's not much they can do right now, as the law passed despite their continual protests. Their concerns were heard and yet the bill was still passed.

According to, "House Minority Leader David Toscano, D-Charlottesville, said during a floor debate Tuesday that allowing the sale of the odorless, tasteless beverage would make it easier for students to spike the punch at campus parties and could fuel sexual assaults. But, 64 percent of Everclear customers are 31 or older. The product is sold in 48 other states, he said, and Virginia stores already sell nine other products at 151 proof or higher."

As we mentioned above, the House was controlled by Republicans though it was a bipartisan vote. The voted ended in a 63-31 approval. Because of this the governor was able to sign the bill or veto without a hold back or other approvals.

It is important to understand the dangers of high-proof alcohol, no matter who might be consuming it. There are many drinking related incidents that come with this type of alcohol. For those that struggle with addiction, the more potent liquor can be detrimental.

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