Unpacking Anxiety

therapy in Charlotte, NCNothing ramps up your stress level like a move. Between coordinating all the details, the extra financial strain, and packing boxes, the stress begins before the actual move. For many people, the stress significantly reduces once the last box is off the moving van and the pizza has been ordered, but for those with chronic anxiety issues, sometimes that's when their anxiety is at its worst.

For people who suffer from chronic anxiety, the chaos of boxes and disorganization is enough to make them want to shut down. While this transitional period of unopened boxes or half put away things can last for several weeks, those who struggle with anxiety feel like everything needs to be unpacked sorted and put away, right now. While it can be frustrating not to be able to locate a particular pair of shoes or the can opener, anxious people are overwhelmed by the much larger picture. Being away from friends and family in an unfamiliar place surrounded by boxes of chaos is stressful. Trying to cope with starting a new job or getting their kids enrolled in a new school is enough to trigger panic attacks. Coping with all of the change and chaos is difficult, but not unmanageable.

Legacy Freedom of Charlotte understands that living with anxiety is difficult. Anxiety makes it hard to perform daily living tasks and can send you into a spiraling depression. If you, or someone you love, suffer from chronic anxiety, let Legacy Freedom help with affordable therapy in Charlotte, NC. Our therapists and clinicians specialize in using a holistic approach to treating chronic anxiety and other mental illnesses. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies like acupuncture, yoga, meditation or aromatherapy, our clinicians and therapists can create a care plan that is tailored to you, your needs and your interests. Empowering you with coping skills to manage your anxiety and allowing you to identify and manage underlying or co-occurring mental illnesses is what sets Legacy apart.

Anxious people value order and dislike transition. One of the best ways to help deal with your post move anxiety is to break down large tasks into smaller ones. By creating a to-do list every day, you ensure that you are staying on task and that details which might typically be overlooked won't be forgotten.

Unpacking and creating order is the most important thing for those who have anxiety. Keeping this period of disorganization and transition limited to a few days will help ease the anxiety of being in a new place. Before the move, have a system in place that allows you to know which boxes need to be unpacked first so that everyday needs can be met without creating additional stress.

Once everything is in its place, take some time to tackle those to-do's outside the new house. Getting out and focusing on something other than the sea of boxes can help reduce your anxiety. If you have children, take them to lunch and then spend the afternoon registering them for school. Use this as a chance to explore your new neighborhood together. If your move has taken you far from friends and family, a quick trip to the store to pick up some fun postcards or trinkets to send to them may get your mind off the stress of the move for a little while.

If you relocated to start a new job, you know that those first few days of work will be stressful. Reduce the things that will cause you agitation, like not being able to find your favorite dress or pair of slacks and lay out your first week of clothes for work ahead of time. These simple preparations will allow you to get ready in the mornings without having to hunt through those remaining boxes or rush to iron a blouse. Planning ahead can significantly reduce your anxiety.

During a move things will go wrong, items will get broken, and the movers may be late. Keeping everything in perspective may be challenging at times. Learning how to cope with these stresses and other stresses in your life is important.

Dependable Anxiety Therapy in Charlotte, NC

If you, or someone you love, struggle with chronic anxiety or other mental illness, call Legacy Freedom today. We can help you with holistic therapy in Charlotte, NC.

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