Understanding and Managing Loneliness

Columbus mental health helpWelcome back to our continuing look at loneliness. In our previous post, we highlighted both the internal and external causes of loneliness. From the loss of a loved one to the ending of a relationship to difficulties in childhood, many people find themselves feeling lonely. Overcoming these feelings of loneliness is essential. Do you need quality Columbus mental health help? Legacy Freedom should be your first choice for care and treatment. Call today.

Interacting with the world around you and reconnecting with society helps you manage feelings of loneliness. Having a conversation with a neighbor or colleague, making an effort to connect with new people or having new experiences, getting outside and meeting new people, or making contact with people you know are important first steps when you are working on your feelings of loneliness. Thinking about the people and things in your life that you are grateful for can help you feel more grounded and less lonely.

Focusing on the present instead of the past can also help you manage feelings of being lonely. Spending meaningful time alone, doing something you enjoy, or engaging in regular physical activity can also be beneficial. Loneliness often leaves people feeling like they are somehow lacking. Instead of giving in to these feelings, focus on your own strengths and abilities and use them to engage in activities that get you out and around people. Joining a charitable organization or participating in an event that benefits others is a great way to feel good about yourself and connect with others.

Learning to spend time alone in a positive way can be a big challenge for those who struggle with feelings of loneliness. Focusing on the good feelings you get from being able to slow down and reflect by yourself without other distractions can help you feel less lonely when you are alone. Journaling or taking yoga classes can help you develop confidence being on your own and focus on your personal wishes and needs. Consider embracing a hobby that lets you be alone but that you can share with others like painting, pottery, hiking, writing or cooking.

Seeking mental health treatment for your feelings of loneliness is important. Understanding where your loneliness comes from and how to overcome it in a positive way can help you move forward with your life. Managing loneliness with practical and accessible coping methods is the key to freeing yourself from these feelings for a lifetime.

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At Legacy Freedom Columbus, we know that admitting you're lonely and confronting the reasons for your feelings of loneliness can be frightening. While you may not always know where these feelings are coming from exactly, learning to work through them and taking that first step is essential for healing the feelings of depression and anxiety you feel as a result of being lonely. By combining traditional talk and group therapies with alternative treatment methods like inner child work, equine assisted therapy, and EMDR, Legacy gives you the power to create a care plan that is tailored to your needs and goals.

Stop letting loneliness control your life. Call or click to connect with the Legacy Freedom team today and begin your healing journey towards with Columbus mental health help you can trust.


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