The Ultimate Opiate List

Drug Treatment In Columbus OHOpiates come from opium, one of the oldest psychoactive substances known to man. The history between man and opium goes all the way back to at least 300 B.C., where the ancient Greek author Homer would make references to it in both the Iliad and Odyssey.

Opiates are also essential medicines. Patients use opiates to manage insufferable pain conditions. Unfortunately, it's also the second most abused substance in the world behind alcohol.

Opiates come by many names, shapes, and sizes. That's why over the course of the next few posts we're going to list all the known opiates along with a description. If you need affordable drug rehab in Columbus OH in 2017 for an opiate addiction, please contact Legacy Freedom. Call our Columbus drug treatment facility today to learn more about our outpatient addiction recovery programs.

The Ultimate List Opiates


Opium is the juice that comes directly from scoring a poppy plant. This crude opium varies in potency and alkaloid contents. Morphine is a natural byproduct.


Besides distilled spirits, morphine was the first addictive ingredient that was isolated from a natural product. It was first extracted in 1806 by a German pharmacist named F.W.A. Serturner. Morphine is a potent pain reliever and carries a high risk for addiction and dependence. If morphine is abused, it can create respiratory distress, and even death, especially when taken in high doses or combined with other depressants, like alcohol.


Codeine also comes from the poppy plant. It's classified as an opiate and used to treat mild to moderate pain. It is often found in prescription cough and diarrhea medicine.


Thebaine, also derived from the poppy, is chemically similar to morphine and codeine, yet produces stimulatory effects instead of depressant like symptoms.


After the Civil War, opium and morphine addiction was a big deal in America. So in 1898, heroin was synthesized. Heroin was supposed to be more potent and less addictive, or less likely to be abused, than morphine. However, that line of thinking didn't last long and heroin is the only opiate that currently sits on the schedule I drug list.

For the rest of the ultimate opiate list, please click here for part two. If you need professional treatment and help with opiate addiction issues, keep reading to see why you should make Legacy Freedom your top choice for drug rehab in Ohio!

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