The Truths About Kava

Drug Rehab in Greensboro NCUsed for centuries, kava is a natural root that is blended to make tea to drink. While it might seem quite normal, this natural plant actually has quite a few side effects when you consume it. Grinding the root and blending it with water to make tea is the most popular way to consume kava. After consumption, it leaves you feeling euphoric and relaxed. It can calm anxiety and nerves. However, there's tons of controversy surrounding this tea. Research is showing that it can be addictive, especially for those who are recovering from a drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Take a closer look with today's post. If you need to get professional help for your own addiction problems in 2017, contact Legacy Freedom! We can help you with affordable alcohol and drug rehab in Greensboro NC!

Kava - The Truths You Need to Know About

While kava might not be addictive for someone who doesn't have a history of addiction, it can be very addicting for recovering addicts. With bars popping up everywhere serving this tea, it's important to bring awareness to this fact. Mood altering substances, in any form, can be dangerous. Some might think because this is a natural form, it's harmless. However, the reality of it is this natural root can cause a relapse in anyone who has had a history with addiction.

Essentially, kava is a legal drug. It is not regulated in the United States. Because usage is on the rise, kava bars are popping up everywhere. You can go into one of these establishments and drink various types of concoctions made from the root.

What you might not know is that in other countries this drug is illegal. Even more, ingesting it means you are under the influence of a drug. Though many assume that it's a harmless tea, it is not. Serious side effects can happen. Extreme drowsiness, labored breathing and other reactions can occur.

Kava actually affects your brain and central nervous system. It is recommended that you not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of this drug. Because it can alter your motor skills and leave you feeling high you're at risk for hurting yourself or someone else. These things are not mentioned when you walk into a bar and order a kava laden tea to drink. Even worse, there's no real reliable way for police to test whether or not you are intoxicated.

Remember, this natural plant is a drug. Just like marijuana, it affects your body, brain and more. Marijuana is illegal various reasons, including altering your ability to function properly.

The truth about this drug is alarming. It's important that you learn more about it and how it affects your body and mind. Be sure to visit back with our next blog post to find out whether or not kava is safe.

Remember, drug abuse is everywhere. It's a disease that can't be ignored. Individuals who are addicted to substances feel like there is no hope for help. That's not the case. Legacy Freedom is here to help you, or someone you love, fight addiction and find recovery. For more information, contact us.

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